Yes, you can fix penguins in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 has more than its fair share of annoying, frustrating, and downright embarrassing bugs. But sometimes you come across a bug that you can’t help but laugh at.

Today’s unusual find might not necessarily fit the description of what a bug is, but it’s fun nonetheless. Reddit user Dunaike decided to land his helicopter near where the penguins hang out on the Breakaway map. The penguins are essentially part of the dressing of the decor, to add a little atmosphere to the environment.

But what they weren’t counting on was … being able to fix them. That’s right, if you have a repair tool equipped – which no one is using – you can recharge the health of your penguin friends.

Some players speculate that penguins are referred to as vehicles when it comes to the engine, which could explain why a health bar is displayed when you use a repair torch on them. Of course, this doesn’t earn you any points, and it doesn’t force the penguins themselves to change their behavior.

Nonetheless, it’s funny.

Earlier today, Battlefield 2042 received its most significant patch yet, in the form of update 0.3.0. It brings dozens of fixes to the game and adds a number of missing features. Battlefield 2042 will receive one final update before DICE breaks for the holidays.

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