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Will Captain Carter replace Steve Rogers as the new Captain America?

I think we should totally expect Captain Carter to appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Take a closer look at the poster and you’ll notice an image of his shield in one of the broken glass shards. And after the finale of the What If…? series, I think it’s safe to assume that at least some of these variants will debut live. What better place to spawn them than in Doctor Strange 2? Spider-Man: No Way Home was the beginning of the introduction to the multiverse and now Doctor Strange 2 is going to throw the doors wide open. From the title, I’m sure you know what to expect. To put it lightly, total mayhem, total mayhem and absolute madness for the Sorcerer Supreme. Just watch the trailer and you’ll get a taste of what we have to prepare for. First of all, I have to mention this little vocal appearance by Sir Patrick Stewart. Yes, I think it’s safe to say Professor X is officially back. It might not be the same Professor X we all remember from the Fox-produced X-Men movies, but we’ll find out when the movie comes out. Either way, it’s so bonkers that Marvel is bringing back Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier. And to think that’s just the first unexpected character they showed just in the trailer. Who else can we expect to see in the Multiverse of Madness?

Fans around the world are making all sorts of theories about who will appear. It’s fun to speculate, but I think Captain Carter is high on the list of characters who should return. Why she? Well, Marvel just came out fresh after their hit Disney+ shows from last year and one of them was the What If…? series. There was a lot to take in and so many different crazy variations that we got to see. Opening up with Captain Carter was a good move, because it gave us a new take on Captain America. The coolest thing about it was that Steve Rogers was still active as his sidekick, operating an Iron Man-like suit called the Hydra Stomper. The fate of Steve Rogers in What If…? The series remained ambiguous, very similar to Bucky Barnes after the First Avenger. Captain Carter has made it her personal mission to find her missing lover, but her pursuit indirectly leads her to encounter the other variants from other universes. Together, all of these different variants have become a new team of superheroes in the MCU known as the Guardians of the Multiverse. It was a cool finale with a new team of fresh faces, and I guarantee it won’t be the last we see of them.

The first Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness trailer showed us the first Guardians variant. Stephen Strange has encountered his most deranged variant, better known as Strange Supreme. The short scene we saw together strongly implies that the variants from other universes will be involved in fixing Strange’s error. When Strange Supreme told him things were getting out of hand, you just knew things were going to fall. I can’t even imagine what kind of madness is about to happen, but I have a strong feeling Captain Carter is making his live-action debut. Based on rumors of the Illuminati in Doctor Strange 2, there’s a good chance Captain Carter is a member. If there’s any legitimacy to this rumor, then she’ll be a member of two superhero teams in the MCU. That’s pretty cool, but I can’t help but wonder about this character’s future in the MCU. I think she could become a bigger hero in future MCU projects. If that becomes the case, then maybe she could replace Steve Rogers as the new Captain America. I mean, as Marvel fans, we have to recognize that there is only one Captain America. Sure, Sam Wilson is now technically Captain America, but it’s like one of the Robins puts on the cowl and becomes a new Batman. Just as Bruce Wayne is the definitive Batman, Steve Rogers is the definitive Captain America.

With that in mind, we know Captain America 4 is coming and it’s been reported that Chris Evans will be involved. I predict Sam Wilson will be the dominant Captain America for the movie, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see Steve Rogers take over the shield again. I think he will be Captain America for another Avengers movie, but if Captain Carter keeps showing up, how will that be? Steve Rogers had his happy ending with Peggy in Endgame, but not this Peggy. It would be a very interesting interaction between Steve Rogers and a Peggy Carter who became Captain America from another universe. And with Sam Wilson involved, it could look like another Spider-Man: No Way Home storyline. Is it possible that an interaction between Steve Rogers and Captain Carter could spark another romance? No matter how hard Steve tried, he just couldn’t get over his first love.

I mean, the guy had a brief fling with Peggy’s niece after she died, and then he went back in time to get back with Peggy. It’s actually kind of weird, but in his defense, he was frozen for many years before he got a chance to start their relationship. If he meets a Peggy more like him, I think it would catch him off guard, but I also think he’d feel a certain infatuation with her. Like I said, that would make for a very interesting interaction. I’m still very keen to see how far Captain Carter’s development will go in the MCU. If Captain Carter appears as a member of the Illuminati in Doctor Strange 2, she’ll likely have bigger roles in the future. Yes, that’s a good thing. However, I wouldn’t want to see her as the new Captain America in the MCU. As of now, it’s Sam Wilson, but my prediction is that other successors will follow. When that happens, Chris Evans will return to lead the Captain Americas team. How good does that sound?