Victoria Park: Peebles steps in need of repair are a brand ‘eye-sore’

STEPS to Peebles Victoria Park from Springhill Road in need of urgent repairs have been described as ‘horror’.

Peebles Community Council (PCC) were told at their meeting on Thursday 9th June that the steps have not been repaired as it was hoped to replace them with a ramp to improve access.

CCP Secretary Anne Snoddy said: ‘I’m sick of them not being fixed.

“There is no need for a ramp, there are other accesses to Victoria Park from Springhill Road which are suitable for disabled people.

“I spoke to Councilor Tatler weeks and weeks ago and he said the ramp will soon replace the steps.”

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CCP Chairman Les Turnbull agreed with Ms Snoddy and said the steps were an “horror”.

Mr Turnbull added: ‘They are a hazard because children are still climbing there.’

It was agreed that the steps had been out of service for 18 months and that it would be much cheaper to repair the steps than to replace them with a ramp.

Tweeddale East councilor Julie Pirone said: ‘I have taken note of all the comments and will see if I can speed things up.

Mr Turnbull said: ‘There are many ways to get to the park, do we need a ramp there?

PCC member Malcolm Bruce said the main access to Victoria Park is less than 100 meters away, with no ramp as it is level.

“I’ll be playing devil’s advocate,” Scott Rae said. “Why not take the stairs out and block everything out completely?” No stairs, no problem.