TV tonight: Jay Blades returns with a special episode of The Repair Shop | Television

The Special Jubilee Repair Workshop

8 p.m., BBC One

The ever-gracious Jay Blades and his crafty crew bring us a special Jubilee of the Restoration Show – taking four items, each with a connection to (you guessed it) the Royal Family, and breathing new life into them. First, a woman’s unfinished pearly costume, which belonged to her pearly king father. Then a hand-painted plate to celebrate the coronation of Queen Victoria. Hollie Richardson

between the covers

7:30 p.m., BBC 2

“Blessed be the books.” Sara Cox’s picks this week are Margaret Atwood’s classic The Handmaid’s Tale and Monica Ali’s Love Marriage. Her page-turning crew includes Jo Brand (named after Little Women’s Jo March, it turns out), Neil Morrissey, Darren Harriott and Nina Wadia. HOUR

Glow Up: Britain’s next make-up star

8 p.m., BBC 3

MUAs (makeup artists) are urged not to be too “out there” with their commercial looks for H&M Beauty’s summer campaign. They must then create a look inspired by “a season of change” that has happened in their lives – showcasing their skills and stories. HOUR

The Great British Sewing Bee

9 p.m., BBC One

It’s music week: seamstresses start by making waterproof parkas suitable for the 60s mod scene. They may look like simple designs, but – as competitors struggle with the finer details that make d a coat a parka – it’s not an easy task. Next, they must create costumes worthy of a country music star; then it’s a bespoke outfit inspired by David Bowie. Precious Adesina

Reece Shearsmith in Inside No 9. Photograph: Jack Barnes/BBC

Interior No. 9

10 p.m., BBC 2

Not everyone who watched television in the 1970s trembled with fear at the mention of public information films that warned of the dangers of strangers, pylons and birthday cakes. In this season’s final episode of the dark anthology, Reece Shearsmith plays Ronnie, a man who lives his life by the rules he learned back then – but can he tell right from wrong? Hannah Verdier

Flipping Fast by George Clarke

9 p.m., Channel 4

Hundred Thousand Dollar Designs: The show that gives budding developers £100,000 in start-up capital to climb the property ladder continues. This week, family teams are in the spotlight, with mother and daughter Janet and Olivia and young brothers Ricky and Andrew both snapping up three-bedroom homes in need of renovation. Graeme Virtue


10 p.m., Dave

The all-new fast turn turns out to be a stroke of genius, as tonight we see Bill Bailey, Jo Brand, Harriet Kemsley and Darren Harriott spout a glorious lineup of one-liners. With “crowbar” and “fun-monger” shouts aplenty, Josh Widdicombe and James Acaster continue to outdo given the series’ simple yet laugh-worthy premise. Danielle DeWolfe

Choice of movies

Interstellar (Christopher Nolan, 2014), 9 p.m., Sky Cinema Greats
Ambition is always a quality to be praised in a film, and Christopher Nolan’s astrophysical sci-fi has it in spades. Matthew McConaughey stars as an American astronaut-turned-farmer on a nearby, doomed Earth, selected for a perilous mission through an unexplained wormhole in a galaxy where there is a habitable home for humanity. It’s existential, brain-frying stuff – especially in the ending – but through a series of stupendous, fast-paced sets, the simple yet cosmic power of love wins out. Simon Wardel