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The Shipyard Bar & Restaurant Pennsville Progress Tour. Opening in weeks

Yesterday I was treated to a full guided tour of the soon to be opened The Shipyard Bar & Restaurant on the Delaware River waterfront in Pennsville, NJ!

The large property sits along the waterfront of the Delaware River and will bring a fun festival vibe to the area. Restaurant, bar, breathtaking outdoor spaces at the water’s edge… they will even host food trucks!

They also have ample space for private events, including weddings.

It used to be the Riverview Inn. The original segments are no longer there, and the 3-season open-air bar and new outdoor spaces are the centerpieces of the property.

Owners Brad and Jeff walked me through the project, which is close to being fully ready. They also gave me a lot more details about their plans for the new waterfront spot, and of course I’m sharing with the readers.

The Pennsville Shipyard is about to open and 42Freeway has a full progress tour!

They were both very grateful for my recent coverage at 42Freeway where I updated the audience on news of the new upcoming hot spot!

However, I was wrong about one thing…while they plan to offer food trucks at the property, they will also have an indoor kitchen at The Shipyard restaurant and bar!

With just a few more weeks to go before a full public opening, Sunday (10/9) they are hosting the painful breaky 5 km race event on the grounds of the shipyard. It includes a 2 hour after party with a country western band, drinks and food. Check the The Achy Breaky website for details and registration information. Facebook. You may still be able to participate!

As mentioned, 42Freeway first reported on the shipyard a month ago.

The Shipyard is part of a family of local restaurants that also includes The Telford Inn and Carolina Blue.

The Pennsville Shipyard features 4,500 square feet of indoor space with a bar, dining room, kitchen, and restrooms…as well as an incredible waterfront outdoor space with an outdoor bar!

The Pennsville NJ location is the former JG Cook’s Riverview Inn. Today the 2 older segments are no longer there, but the remaining section of 3 season bars and restaurants remains and is the hub of the new shipyard.

The entire property is being transformed into a fun indoor and outdoor restaurant, bar, and event space…and the goal is to maximize the stunning views of the river and the Delaware Bridge.

The interior of the shipyard is mostly ready to build, but there are some finishing details to complete, as well as some cleanup work… so I told them I would skip the interior pictures for now.

The exterior is also getting a makeover. As Jeff said “You can’t recreate that waterfront view of the Delaware River”. So they add a lot of really fun and interesting upgrades to the property.


The Shipyard will be a festival atmosphere at the water’s edge every day of the season!

Consider it a 3 seasons riverside festival themed restaurant and bar, which will be closed during the colder winter months.

They hope to be fully open for part of this fall 2022, but with cooler weather and building elements still in progress… be sure to follow updates at their Facebook page.

The interior of the shipyard

The old full Riverview Inn complex was huge. It was like three restaurant buildings in one.

This can therefore give an idea of ​​the size of the remaining 3 season bar section!

The shipyard is 100 feet long, in line with the river! This entire 100ft expanse has front glass garage doors that can be opened to make the indoor bar an outdoor experience.

The breathtaking view that will be seen from inside the Pennsville Shipyard!

The owner completely changes the interior of the building, relocates the bar, adds a kitchen area and new bathrooms.

It’s a smart design change that still leaves LOTS of room for seating inside.

And remember they are also greatly expanding the outdoor offerings. Add to that the large parking lot, there is plenty of room for people to have a good time at the shipyard.

Previously, the bar was rectangular in the center of the room, providing seating all around.

Today, while the bar is still in the middle of the space, it is configured to one side. A traditional “U” shaped configuration coming out of the back wall, where this back wall will feature a selection of liquor bottles and other barware.

In the rear corners of the large space (behind the bar) are the kitchen in one corner and the bathrooms in the opposite corner.

This angle gives a great understanding of the building’s proximity to the Delaware River, as well as the outdoor spaces.

There will still be plenty of room throughout the 100 foot long building for dining tables!

There are also side entrances. One side leads to an area that will house an acoustic musician space and a cornhole area.

The other side entrance will lead to an interesting outdoor area which will even have space for private events.

The exterior of the shipyard

Last month I saw the exterior of the property via my drone, and at the time they were very actively involved in exterior construction and landscaping.

I was expecting new lawns to be laid along the seafront, but was pleasantly surprised to see so many inventive upgrades added to the exterior this week as well.

Once landscaping and construction is complete, the waterfront areas will have Adirondack chairs and outdoor dining tables.

So yes, they did new grass last month, but the cooks are doing so much more!

New grass, paved surfaces and landscaping plants make this a visually interesting experience! at the Pennsville shipyard

The ground is a mix of new grass, concrete walkways, paved patios, hard-packed gravel areas and attractive flower landscaping.

They will also have an area covered in astro-turf, making it a better surface to support private outdoor events where a larger number of people would congregate in a common space.

Buffer trees are yet to come along this event space area

Workers completed the landscaping closest to the front of the building along the river and worked on the extensive outdoor spaces in the foreground of the image. Pennsville Shipyard

Gas fireplaces are installed in various places, up to the river… and further from the building.

On the side of the building where the other parts of the Riverview Inn once stood, they are creating another interesting outdoor space with a variety of unique design elements.

It will be an outdoor dining and bar area, also including an ice cream stand – The Pennsville Shipyard

An exterior container ship outdoor bar stand is being prepared for installation.

It will have a second container placed above this one…and they will also have an ice cream stand outside!

As for the food trucks…the idea of ​​including them in the mix is ​​to give customers unique dining experiences like you’ll find at local beer gardens or festivals.

They really want it to be a family place to visit…again and again!

The end of the building will be capped with an elevated storage container, further fitting the theme of “The Shipyard”

Brad tells me that to continue the “shipyard” theme, they will be installing a large continuous box over the side entrance to the building! A nice touch!

Gas fire pits are set up along the river…incredible views including the Delaware Memorial Bridge.

As mentioned, to find out when they’ll be opening things up to the public this fall, be sure to “Astheir Facebook page, where they will post updates.

And I believe there is still time to enter the Achy Breaky 5k which is October 9, 2022.

Pennsville Shipyard

One last fun fact that I will have in a future post (I started writing this here but the post was just getting too long!)

Future story: The Crazy Delaware/New Jersey State Line!

The portion of land that jutted out beside the shipyard building was on the New Jersey side of the New Castle Pennsville ferry line!

It was a VERY busy ferry before the Delaware Memorial Bridge opened.

The remains of the two paved roads have mostly been intact for decades! The road splits because there were TWO competing ferry lines and when arriving with your car there were two large overhead gates leading to the ferries.

Crazy fun fact…the last 175 miles of this peninsula is actually in Delaware!

This peninsula adjacent to the next Shipyard bar and restaurant was once the entrance to the New Castle Pennsville ferry line. Much of this land is actually in Delaware!

Links and locations

The shipyard (Pennville) Opening Soon
60 Main Street
Pennsville NJ 08070