Telangana woman repairs flat tires of trucks and tractors in her repair shop

Working in an auto repair shop is usually associated with men. You don’t usually see women fixing your tires. However, one woman disputes this idea.

Yedalapally Adilaxmi from Telangana lives in a remote village of Bhadradri Kothagudem. She proved that women can do any job with will and determination.


The woman works in a small garage in Sujatha Nagar near the town of Kothagudem, fixing flat tires not only from motorbikes, but also from cars, tractors and even trucks.

She is a mother of two and helps her husband Bhadram run the auto repair shop. She has acquired expertise over the past five years in repairing punctures and replacing tires.

Apparently people who came to the store were initially reluctant because they didn’t believe a woman could fix flat tires. They were shocked to see a woman lifting heavy tires and doing the kind of work that is traditionally done by men.

pile of tires

She is also Telangana’s first female mechanic. She said Deccan News, “I always felt helpless and disappointed when customers came to the store in his absence because I couldn’t fix the holes. “I used to feel depressed not paying attention to the work that came to our door because we had lost income.”

“I started thinking why I can’t do it. I started with little things like filling the tires with air and as my interest grew and my confidence grew there was no turning back. ”

repair workshop

Today, she is the go-to person for tire repairs in her village. What a remarkable journey.

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