SunLive – The Pearls of Wisdom of Policeman Pāpāmoa

Preventing crime in our local neighborhoods during the summer should be as easy as using a key to lock house and car doors at night, bring work tools, and install a car steering lock.

It’s surprising that Pāpāmoa constable Adrian Oldham isn’t blue in the face as he repeatedly distributes his eloquently written weekly pearls of wisdom in the local neighborhood support newsletter.

“The summer weather is almost here, but with all these balmy evenings and nights, there’s a little complacency, which I’m kinda guilty of,” Adrian says.

“It’s so tempting to go to bed with a few windows open, or even the odd ranch slider, but keep bad access in mind.”

Adrian says it’s safe to leave the windows open upstairs if you’re in a two or three story building, but make sure the downstairs windows and doors are locked.

“We had a recent incident where the occupants of a house left their garage door half-open to let air in, but forgot to close it before going to bed. End result – a villain entered and stole items from the car parked inside.

“It’s the same with the vehicles, all the windows are closed because of a hot and stinking day,” says Adrian. “People park outside or in the driveway with the intention of putting them back on before bed but forget about it.”

Small cars such as Nissan Tiidas, Suzuki Swifts, Mazda Axelas, Mistubishi Lancers and others are prized assets of car thieves. Easy pickups, as they usually aren’t blocked by another car, don’t have an alarm or immobilizer, and thieves can get in, start, and drive. Unfortunately, they are sometimes found later, emptied, thrown away and damaged.

“I apologize for looking like the Grinch, but I can’t tighten up the security enough. In my many years of “street work” I have arrested many “bad guys” and the common theme after interviewing them is that if a vehicle or house is locked they will move on to the next one who does. is not. “

Shops with toolboxes left in their desks, people with laptops and purses with wallets and credit cards left in their unlocked cars – it seems to be a repeated phenomenon of thoughtless people not realizing not that they are perfect magnets for thieves.

Adrian says that over the past two weeks local community patrols have encountered a large number of unsecured homes and cars.

“They went out of their way to knock on the door and advise the occupants who were very grateful and had simply forgotten.”

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