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CES is still fertile ground for the IoT world, and with reports of an increase in property crime circulating as often as they do, we’re not surprised to see a number of connected devices. designed for safety. Two of them are the eufy Security Garage-Control Cam Control and Security Garage-Control Cam Plus, and like any good IoT device, they serve a dual purpose.

The eufy Security Garage-Control Cam is both a garage door controller and a security camera that can be monitored using the accompanying app. The camera can also be configured to be controlled with voice commands.

The cameras work by using machine learning algorithms to recognize humans and vehicles and sending notifications to the user accordingly. This leads to the detection and recognition of objects which eufy says are 99% accurate. And here’s a feature that would be welcome by any of us: the device can send an alert when the camera detects that the garage door has been left open. Beats wonders whether or not you’ve been doing this for an hour while walking Target! The camera can also be configured with geofencing detection, so that it triggers whenever someone enters a specific area.

The camera can stream high definition video to the app, so you can record on location whenever you need to. Standard stuff out there, but the really cool thing is you can check out this stream and store up to 32GB of video (on a local SD card, rather than cloud servers) without a subscription or subscription. monthly.

So what’s the difference between regular and older? Slightly better video quality and the ability to control two garage doors rather than just one. They are priced at $ 99 and $ 129 respectively. Both are expected to launch in the United States and Canada by March, with other regions to follow.

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