Shortage of auto parts leading to long wait times in the repair shop

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) – Supply chain shortages have impacted industries across the board, and Charlottesville-area body shops are no exception.

Taylor’s Auto Body Shop says it typically has 90 cars in its lot, but right now it’s closer to 130.

“You kind of have a storm of things: you have covid, you have deer affected, you have parts shortages, which is causing all the delays and an influx of disabled vehicles,” said Marcie Llera of Taylor’s Auto. Body Shop.

The auto repair industry is affected in all areas.

“Sometimes we can get cars in and out in two weeks. Sometimes it’s three or four months. It depends on how quickly we can get the parts, ”Llera said.

The snowstorm that hit Virginia on Monday, January 3 did not help matters.

“I think once everyone is well and people see damage after washing cars, they might have hit snow, hit embankments, but we had quite a few cars that went in. ditches that were towed, ”Llera said.

Cosner Brother’s repair shop says he’s been waiting a month for a windshield for a Honda, not always knowing when it will arrive.

“One particular vehicle for which we are still waiting for parts, the supplying dealer told us that the wait time was approximately seven months to get the parts,” said Dillard Cosner of Cosner Brother’s. “It’s ridiculously crazy that it wasn’t that before.”

Taylor’s Auto Body Shop sees the same problem.

“We have a vehicle here now that they tell us it may be six months before they see an airbag module,” Llera said.

“Our suppliers do a great job providing the parts when they are available, but the parts just aren’t available,” Cosner said.

Therefore, customers should expect long wait times.

“We do our best to get it fixed, but they just have to be patient because we can’t make the parts on site,” Cosner said. “We have to wait for the supply chain to fill these orders.”

“We’re obviously going to do our best to get people in and out as quickly as possible. We know people need their vehicles, ”Llera said.

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