shahpura: Road repair work drives commuters to despair | Bhopal News

Bhopal: The road from Shahpura to Kolar Square has been under construction — since before the pandemic. Barricade, mounds of mud, JCB machines placed precariously on the side created a bottleneck on the busy road, making journeys difficult.
“The main road was dug before the lockdown. Now the work has moved from the main road to the service road. It looks like we’ve been rubbing shoulders with dust and JCBs for two years. What is the deadline for this project,” said the owner of one of the pharmacies along the way. Traffic jams are the norm on this route – which get worse during rush hour. The Capital Project Administration (CPA) (which is being phased out) maintained the road but explained that road restoration works are the responsibility of BMC. “It’s not just the pipeline works that are a major source of danger for traffic on this road, but also the parking of cars. You can see so many cars parked on the main road and the narrow service road also has cars and scooters parked,” said Ashok Sharma, who lives in the area.
BMC Commissioner KVS Chaudhary, when asked why the restoration work was taking so long, replied:
“These are water supply works. Tata Projects, which is in charge of the works, has inordinately delayed them. We gave them a penalty two or three times for the delay, but now it’s in the final stages and it will be over in the next 2-3 weeks.