Garage doors

Serial painter caught on camera vandalizing pro-Trump homes in Naples

NAPLES, Fla. — A man was caught on security cameras at homes in east Naples using a spray paint can to vandalize their property.

The man was seen Friday at two homes less than an hour apart. He used spray paint to write the words “LOCK TRUMP UP” on garage doors, in the grass and even on a pro-Trump yard flag.

“We just had the house and the garage painted,” said Kim Jokela, who was among the two houses targeted.

The Jokela live along Lakewood Boulevard in East Naples. Just after 11 p.m. Friday, their cameras caught the man cycling to their house.

You can see him jump off the bike and start spraying something in the grass. It turned out to be the “LOCK TRUMP UP” message.


“And then I decided, ‘Oh look. There’s a flag. So he went and painted the flag,'” Richard Jokela explained. “After that he decided, ‘Oh, let’s do the garage door.’ “

The man then left on his bicycle. The Riel family thinks he came to their house next. Their security cameras show a man who looks remarkably like them who, coincidentally, has painted the same message on their garage door.

“I walked out and looked at it and was like, ‘Oh my God,'” Kim Riel said.

Her husband had already seen the message on Saturday morning when he left the garage to go golfing.

“He has issues with people who are Republicans, and all we do is voice our opinion,” Ray Riel said.

Both families called the Collier County Sheriff’s Office to file reports on the serial painter.

“Hopefully we can get this guy,” Ray told NBC2.

He hasn’t been caught yet, but they hope he will because they want him to pay for the real painters who had to come and fix his “art” work.

“I think a little embarrassment and even maybe a letter of apology would be nice,” Richard said.

If you know who this man is, you can submit an anonymous report online at SWFL Crime Stoppers or call 1-800-780-TIPS.