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Schoolboy will make Holyrood history with bottled water campaign | Scotland

A seven-year-old schoolboy has made Holyrood history by becoming the youngest ever to petition the Scottish Parliament to provide every child in the country with a reusable water bottle.

Callum Isted was questioned by MSPs during Wednesday’s Citizen Participation and Petitions Committee, where he explained that the petition followed his initial campaign to provide all pupils at Dedridge Primary School in Livingstone, where he goes to school, reusable water bottles, to replace the single-use plastic bottles given to them every week.

The Year 3 pupil, who said his favorite subject at school was ‘definitely maths’, said he raised £1,405.66 by completing the John Muir Way. “I was very surprised to have raised so much money. I made so much money that I was also able to get some for the adults in the school.

He added that he now wanted the Scottish parliament to buy a bottle for everyone.

The boy, who was joined at Holyrood by his parents, told the committee: ‘I wanted to go to Nicola Sturgeon to talk about the bottles but my mum said it wasn’t allowed so we searched online and found petitions.”

He is expected to meet the Prime Minister later on Wednesday.

Isted, which campaigned at the Cop26 climate summit in Glasgow last November, raised concerns about the waste of single-use bottles as well as the danger microplastics pose to animals and fish. He also noted that broken taps at his school can prevent students from refilling their bottles.

Official Jackson Carlaw thanked the boy for his testimony and assured him: “We will move the petition forward and after we meet with the Prime Minister we will ask him to honor any commitments you can get and see what we we can do to put your petition into practice.