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Round three of the 2022 Industrie Clothing NSW Supersports Championship

Just weeks after their prototype sports car cousins ​​raced at Le Mans, round three of the 2022 Industry Clothing New South Wale Supersports Championship takes place on Saturday June 25 at Sydney Motorsport Park, with 25 Supersports cars qualifying early in the race. day and run into the evening under the track’s $10 million lighting system.
There are two classes in the Industrie Clothing New South Wales Supersports Championship, and points are equal for each class, so class 1 riders (Radical SR3) and class 2 riders (CN, 6SR and Group 2C) have a equal chance of winning. the championship.
With Mark Brame leading the absolute score in his Class 1 Radical SR3 with 88 points, then Peter White (Class 2 First Focus Radical SR3) with 83 points, and Darren Barlow (Reigning Champion, Class 2 Stohr WF1) with 79 points, both must throw everything in class 2 to cross the line first in class 2, which will be mandatory to keep Mark close at hand.
Peter and Darren would be unwise to focus solely on each other in the points race as their other Class 2 competitors slowly closed the speed gap as the later heats progressed.
Steve Roberts in his Austwide Freight Radical SR8 (74 points), Simon Copping in his fast-accelerating West WX10 (62 points), Alex Kenny in his Regulator Automation/Sydney Composites Juno CN2015 (55 points), Paul Palmer in his Stohr WF1 ( 40 points), and Ryan Godfrey in his all-new Ready Set Reline Plumbing Wolf Tornado S carbon chassis.
Aaron Lee in his class 2 West WR1000 (39 points) is back after missing round 2 last April with Covid, and he has since upgraded his first generation West to make it even more competitive after daringly challenging the early riders during of Round 1 in February. . Round three will also see the Supersport debut of Adam Brook in his Class 2 Aurora Racing West WR1000.
Mark Brame will of course have to keep the nose of his Radical SR3 ahead of his Class 1 comrades to maintain his absolute lead. However, Steve Shiels (Radical SR3) with 73 points, Jonathon Canavan (Radical SR3) with 70 points, and Stephen Champion (Champion’s Business Growth Advisors Radical SR3), are within range of taking a handful of points if Mark falters.
A larger group of SR3 riders trail Mark, Steve, Jonathon and Stephen in the points tally, with many not having the smoothest possible ride in the first two rounds of the 2022 Industrie Clothing New South Wales Supersports Championship, although always posting competitive lap times.
Craig McLatchey (52), Paul Royal (43), Kosta Pohorukov (40), Warwick Morris (39), Sue Hughes (37), Brad Nielson (37), Peter Clare (28), Audi GT driver Ash Samadi (20) , Greg Kenny (17), Porsche GT driver Andrew Macpherson (12) and former V8 Supercar driver Brian Walden (9), are all regularly separated by only fractions of a second with their best times at the round.
Sue Hughes in particular has been on the verge of adding more speed to her usual consistency, and Sue could surprise some Supersports riders if they aren’t on top form.
There are more than a few highlights for round three of the 2022 Industrie Clothing New South Wales Supersports Championship, with Audi LMS driver Nick Kelly making his first appearance in the 2022 Industrie Clothing New South Wales Supersports Championship in round three. , at the wheel of his new Roler Radical SR10. Nick always races close to the front, and his long-awaited return in the Radical SR10 will be an ominous dimension for Supersports racing.
Additionally, one of Australia’s best-known Radical engineers and drivers, RA Motorsport’s Josh Peacock, will be making a long-awaited return to Supersports racing after his commercial racing car preparation commitments sidetracked him. driving his own Radical SR3 in competition.
Additionally, the usually dominant and fiery Neale Muston will make his first appearance in the 2022 Industrie Clothing New South Wales Supersports Championship in his Radical SR8, while Tailem Bend’s JAM Motorsport will return to Sydney Motorsport Park for the third time in less than three months, with the ever-competitive Mark Lauke and John Paul Drake poised to battle for race wins in their Wolfs (Tornado and Mistrale).
Le Mans prototype-style Supersports cars are consistently the fastest cars at every NSW Motor Racing Championship race meeting, with speeds in excess of 250km/h on the main straight at Sydney Motorsport Park, and with lap times usually pole faster than a V8 Supercar. Supersports racing is at the highest level and requires a high level of character and skill to take the driver’s seat and drive fast, making the 2022 Industrie Clothing New South Wales Supersports Championship a serious drivers’ championship.
New South Wales Supersports competitors will open their garage doors at Sydney Motorsport Park on June 25 and welcome anyone who wants to learn more about Supersports cars – how they’re pretty much the fastest closed-wheel cars in Australia – and the competition.
Anyone interested in joining New South Wales Supersports for day and night racing, please contact Darren Barlow on 0439 044 128, or visit the New South Wales Supersports Facebook and MP page. New South Wales Supersports will supply you with tickets.
Also on the program with Supersports, patriotic Holdens HQ, Formula V, screaming upgraded production cars, exotic production sports cars, everyday production touring cars with 40 huge cars and the fast Superkarts like lightning.
As the races continue well into the evening, Supersports thanks the Australian Racing Drivers Cub and all of their officials for always putting on great race meetings.