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Residents said they could not install electric vehicle charging stations in apartments

Common supply issues and need for additional infrastructure

Residents of two apartment complexes have been advised not to install electric vehicle charging stations in their garages or parking areas.

The directive applies to Empress Apartments on Douglas Drive and Majestic Apartments in Onchan.

The management of both buildings indicates that complex and potentially costly changes would be necessary to meet the needs of electric vehicle drivers.

The directors of Majestic Apartments say that while the buildings look modern, the design and facilities were established over 20 years ago – long before electric vehicles.

Each of the over 100 garages has two 13 amp outlets and many share a common power supply.

While someone in a single dwelling can control their electrical load, Majestic is different with over 90 apartments on site.

The company says that already, twice, someone has overloaded its garage circuit, causing several other garage doors to fail and lights to go out.

Majestic directors are, however, in discussions with Manx Utilities on current and future capabilities, including electric vehicles and their unique electric requirements.

Owners of the 55 Empress Apartments units say there are currently no plans to introduce electric vehicle charging stations.

Additional wiring and meters would be required so that the cost of charging would be borne by EV owners rather than the communal supply.

As the technology develops, administrators told Manx Radio they felt it was prudent to wait for the position to become clearer while accepting that the position was temporary.