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Residents express anger over unsafe water supply

Kurnool: Residents of the town of Kurnool are expressing their anger over contaminated water from municipal taps. Residents of the 19th arrondissement, which is represented by Mayor BY Ramaiah, received contaminated water with a foul smell.

The city has a total of 53 wards and a population of 7 to 7.5 lakh. Water is supplied from 1.5 to 2.00 lakh water taps. Surprisingly, 5% of these faucets deliver dirty, smelly water. Communist Party of India (CPI) Executive Council Member, P Rama Krishna Reddy, speaking to The Hans India on Wednesday, said residents of Kurnool town were getting water once every two days.

Municipal authorities provide drinking water at night for barely an hour or two. Residents are forced to stay awake at night to get water. Residents of the 19th arrondissement, which is represented by the mayor, are shocked to see that the water is brownish in color and also smelly. Although they have brought the matter to the attention of the city authorities, they care the least about solving the problem, alleged Rama Krishna Reddy.

Citing the reasons for the brownish color, Rama Krishna said that JIO network management dug the ground for laying the cables. While digging the ground, they broke the municipal water pipes. Although they noticed the breaches, management was less concerned with undertaking repair work or replacing broken pipes. Due to breaks in the pipeline, sewage is mixed with drinking water.

He said city officials were more concerned about the Jio than the health problems people face after drinking contaminated water. Rama Krishna said residents were not provided with free water despite paying water and council tax. He asked the municipal authorities to replace the broken water pipes and provide drinking water.

If company authorities pay no heed, they will stage large-scale protests, Rama Krishna Reddy said.