Repairing the underground drainage system at Soulliere Villas will cost $825,800

Repairing the underground drainage system at Villas Soullière will cost $825,800.

The price for the repairs was unveiled Friday at the Community Development District 4 Supervisory Board meeting at the Savannah Center.

This could finally bring relief to residents of Soulliere Villas who have long complained about the drainage problem and the earlier than normal deterioration it has caused to the roads in the Villa community.

The pain is not quite over since the work to come will cause some inconvenience to the residents of Soullière.

“There will be inconveniences, but they can come in and out,” said director of property management Bruce Brown.

The successful bidder for the work was Ciraco Underground Inc.

Supervisor Cliff Wiener was delighted to have Ciraco do the job, as the same company was tasked with repairs after a pair of major sinkholes in 2018 in the village of Calumet Grove.

“They did a really good job after the sinkholes,” Wiener said.

Ciraco’s bid was also significantly lower than the project’s bid which had been estimated at $1.135 million. The total cost of the project, including engineering work and other costs, will total $866,800.

Similar under-drain issues were encountered at Atwood Villas in CDD 9 and Belle Glade Villas and Callahan Villas in CDD 10.

The developer has agreed to help pay for the replacement of the subsurface drainage systems. In the Villas Soulliere, the Promoter’s contribution will be $302,800.