Repairing a damaged kuhl in Panchrukhi : The Tribune India

A kuhl passing through Panchrukhi was damaged due to the PWD’s negligence. As a result, farmers downstream of the kuhl find it difficult to irrigate their villages. The ministry should repair the canal immediately. —Kuldeep, Panchrukhi

Online fraud on the rise

Online fraud is on the rise. Over the past few days, many Shimla personalities including DC have filed complaints regarding their fake social media accounts, using which scammers are trying to trick people. The police should take strict measures against fraudsters. — Devender, Shimla

Slow progress of road repairs

A section of the Kupvi-Haripurdhar road collapsed more than two weeks ago. Repair work has begun but is progressing at a snail’s pace. It would take at least another 15-20 days for the works to be completed and the road to become operational. The pace of work should be accelerated because people face a lot of inconvenience. — Pratap, Kupvi

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