Renault Korea Motors makes auto repair service available anytime, anywhere

A promotional image of Renault Korea Motors maintenance services (Renault Korea Motors)

Renault Korea Motors hopes to better meet customer needs with a service that allows car owners to drop off their vehicles at the automaker’s repair shops anytime, anywhere in the country.

The automaker launched its “Drop the Keys” service in April, which allows drivers to bring their car in for checks and repairs any time of the week.

Local auto repair shops usually close around 6-7pm on weekdays and earlier on Saturdays, while most of them do not operate on Sundays. It is therefore difficult for employees who work during normal office hours to bring their car.

As part of this new service, Renault customers can leave the vehicle and its keys at a designated location at any time. The garage will then pick up the car the next time it opens and advise the driver of the expected time needed to complete the service.

The automaker also provided auto parts price information on its “My Renault Korea” smartphone app, allowing customers to estimate the price of maintenance.

Renault said it has become the first domestic automaker to introduce fixed prices for vehicle-related consumables, ensuring transparency and clarity in its repair services. The automaker currently operates 415 repair shops across the country.

Meanwhile, Renault Korea Motors ranked first in customer satisfaction for the sixth consecutive year in a survey, according to market researcher Consumer Insight. The survey, conducted among six local automakers, was released in October 2021.

By Lee Seung-ku ([email protected])