Potchefstroom resident aims to fix 2,500 potholes each year – SABC News

A resident of Potchefstroom in the North West, Dirk Venter, is responsible for repairing 2,500 potholes in the town each year, at his own expense.

Dirk Venter says he is motivated by the desire to keep the roads in good condition.

The ripple effects of COVID-19 have led to less support for Venter’s initiative.

Dirk, 67, has been fixing potholes in Potchefstroom for nearly a decade.

He did so without receiving support from the local municipality of JB Marks, which is responsible for maintaining the town’s infrastructure.

South Africa faces a huge backlog of road infrastructure maintenance:

Venter says he was supported by local businesses in the form of donations.

But the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic has seen these companies withdraw their support.

However, that hasn’t deterred Venter, who says the sight of potholes bothers him.

“From the start, potholes bothered me a lot, and if you want to do it with your brain, you’ll never do it, you have to do it with your heart, and even you put up with something like that, it won’t Don’t think with your brain to sustain you. You have to think with your heart or you won’t succeed.

Venter creatively recycles leftover materials thrown to the side of roads during road construction and uses them to seal potholes.

He then uses the donations to supplement the material in case of shortage.

His good initiative created jobs for five men, some of whom had lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Employees say they are grateful for this initiative.

His actions do not go unnoticed in the city. The residents of Potchefstroom thanked Venter for his initiative.

“He’s doing a great job for the city and really needs to thank him for what he’s doing for the city. As a taxi driver I must say he does a very good job and we are very grateful to him for what he does.

Five years ago the local municipality of JB Marks said they were considering working with Venter, unfortunately nothing came of it.

The municipality’s acting communications officer, Jeanette Tshite, says they have lost contact with him.

“Due to changes in the administration of the municipality over time, there could be a loss of information and a breakdown in communication between the municipality Venter. However, the municipality supports any initiative that may come from any member of the community that is done in the best interest of our communities to improve their lives.

Some roads in Lichtenburg and Mahikeng are also riddled with potholes. The plea from motorists is for the government to constantly maintain the roads, to avoid potholes, which can very well be mistaken for fish ponds.

Operation Vala Zonke

The Department of Transport is embarking on an ambitious national pothole repair project across South Africa (SA). The government launched Operation Vala Zonke on Monday morning. The initiative aims to fix potholes across South Africa.

It is part of a 16-month campaign, focusing on provincial and municipal roads.

Government launches Operation Vala Zonke in bid to repair potholes across South Africa

The Vala Zonke I SANRAL operation aims to ensure the national road network in an acceptable state

Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula said his department is willing to help municipalities that lack capacity and skills to repair potholes on their local roads. Mbalula launched the multi-million rand Vala Zonke project in Sasolburg in the municipality of Emfuleni.

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