Poor road repair work of concern: The Tribune India

Despite spending millions of dollars on the Smart City project, city authorities have failed to change their modus operandi when it comes to repairing or patching damaged roads. While a majority of roads have been damaged for several months, the repair time having already passed, the authorities concerned continue to resort to outdated methods. The civic department has resorted to filling the craters and potholes with building materials, which amounts to shabby and poor work as it will very soon be damaged by the movement of traffic or washed away by rain . Also, the dumping of such materials will increase dust pollution. —Satinder Duggal, Faridabad

MC should take responsibility for keeping the city clean

Accompanying photographs taken from in front of the local bus queue shelter in Sector 5-9 (near Towk Park) and near the entrance point to Radha Madhav Temple in Sector 4 Panchkula speak for themselves long on the highly ignorant attitude of the civic body. What else could explain that the agency concerned does not simultaneously remove so many of the dumps that remain along the adjacent main road itself? Who knows, several of them could also have been swept away during the recent rains that lashed the Tricity. That the authorities of MC arrange to quickly clear the various affected segments on this widely used road which connects it to the Zirakpur-Shimla highway. —Shakti Singh, Karnal

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