Garage doors

Police say you can avoid having things stolen from your car

Squamish RCMP say there has been a crime spree that vigilant residents could prevent.

Locking doors and removing valuables helps prevent your car from being a target, police say.

Between March 19 and March 22, Squamish experienced a spate of property crimes involving thieves targeting commercial and residential properties with burglaries and vehicle thefts, according to local police.

The suspects primarily target unlocked vehicles parked in streets, driveways or parking lots at night.

According to a Squamish RCMP press release, the Mounties have linked the majority of their investigations to a suspect who recently left Squamish; however, they believe that person may return undetected to commit further crimes.

The statement said officers are increasing their vehicles and foot patrols to deter and catch thieves.

“Most of these crimes are preventable,” said Cpl. Angela Kermer of the Squamish RCMP. “Looking at our information, the majority of car thefts occur from cars that are unlocked with easily visible valuables.”

Squamish RCMP remind residents:

• Secure cars, don’t leave valuables or keys inside, install lighting and security systems where possible, remove garage door openers, and make sure neighbors watch over each other;

• Report suspicious activity to the police, as every piece of information gathered can help link suspects to crimes.

Anyone with information regarding a crime is asked to contact Squamish RCMP at 604-892-6100, or contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS, or go to

For more information on preventing motor vehicle crime, go to