Owners of 212 buildings urged to repair structures ahead of monsoon – Newspaper

RAWALPINDI: With the onset of the monsoon, 212 dilapidated buildings in the city and cantonment areas were declared unsafe. Their owners have been urged to repair the buildings or evacuate them to avoid any damage that may result from the monsoon rains.

After a survey of old and dilapidated buildings in the garrison town, the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) issued these notices.

Imran Gulzar, cantonment director of the Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB), told Dawn that there were 100 buildings in the cantonment areas that had been declared unsafe and 45 of them were the most dangerous.

He said that under the law the civic body had informed private owners of the danger and that it was their duty to carry out repairs, adding that the RCB had made arrangements to deal with a situation. flooding during the monsoon.

“We have set up a rapid response unit including the sewer, water and building branch to avoid any untoward situation in the event of heavy rains,” he said.

Mr Gulzar said all the nullahs had been cleared before the monsoon and during the recent heavy rains, a steady flow of water into the sewers and the nullahs had been observed.

He said tenants cannot alter the structure of the rented property, but must repair it.

Meanwhile, RDA has decided to issue notices to owners of residential and commercial properties around Leh Nullah for safety reasons.

Under the leadership of retired RDA Director General Captain Tahir Zafar Abbasi, the authority ensures that all measures are taken for the protection of life and property of citizens during the monsoon season.

The Director (Land Use and Building Control RDA) said immediate precautionary measures had been taken to protect people, especially those living near Leh Nullah and around areas under RDA control.

He added that they must also take immediate precautionary measures to protect themselves from extreme rains.

He said homes and shops should be repaired immediately with RDA’s permission to prevent future loss of life and property.

Some of the dangerous buildings are located at Bohar Bazaar, Naya Mohallah, Lunda Bazaar, New Sarafa Bazaar, Chittian Hattian, Bhabara Bazaar, Nishtarabad, Chachhi Mohallah, Allam Khan Road, Mohallah Niarian, Mohallah Waris Khan, Syed Puri Gate, Shah Chan Chiragh Mohallah , Talwaran Bazaar, Mochi Bazaar, Purana Qila, Raja Bazaar, Rani Bazaar and Chowk Bansanwala.

“There are many buildings in the jurisdiction of Rawalpindi Municipal Corporation (RMC) and if these buildings are not renovated or evacuated, they may collapse under heavy rains and also affect nearby areas,” said a senior official from the RMC.

Shujaat Raza, a resident of Sarafa Bazaar, said he could not move because he had no money to repair the current building or rent another one. He said the government should help people who were already suffering from financial crises.

Mohammad Furqan, a resident of Purana Qila, said the RMC sent them notices every year but did not provide them with a solution. He urged the government to provide financial assistance to those living in such buildings.

An RMC official said the company would provide financial assistance to owners of private buildings.

“We have identified dangerous buildings and informed people to evacuate or repair them to avoid any untoward situation during the monsoon season,” he added.

Posted in Dawn, June 24, 2022