Ombathoklu suspension bridge awaits repairs

The Ombathoklu suspension bridge which provides connectivity between Varanga and Shivapura draws attention.

Residents of Soorimannu, Ombathoklu have to travel 6 km to reach Varanga by road. To reduce the distance traveled and reach Varanga within 1.50 km, a suspension bridge was built.

However, the wooden planks of the suspension bridge have been damaged and it is dangerous to walk on them, especially during the monsoon, when the body of water overflows.

There are chances of users falling into the body of water as a result of the broken wooden planks.

Schoolchildren and laborers depend on the suspension bridge to get around daily.

One side of the suspension bridge falls under Varanga Gram Panchayat while another side is under the boundaries of Shivapura Gram Panchayat.

Residents have urged authorities to repair the suspension bridge as soon as possible.

A resident, K Ramachandra Bhat, from Varanga, said they depended on the suspension bridge to get around in an emergency. Now the suspension bridge is in a dilapidated state.

The suspension bridge needs to be repaired at the earliest so that schoolchildren can reach Varanga in a shorter distance, he said.