Omaha Martin Luther King Jr Memorial needs repairs

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – An iconic North Omaha memorial is deteriorating and in dire need of repair.

The Martin Luther King Jr Memorial at the corner of 24th and the lake has been a fixture of the community for 20 years, but time has taken its toll on the memorial. The sidewalk is cracking, the bricks need fixing, and the surface of the memorial is uneven.

The children’s essays that surround the site will need to be removed, and even the memorial itself may need to be dismantled to make necessary repairs.

Pastor Portia Cavitt is the president of the Interfaith Ministerial Alliance (IMA), the organization that owns the property. He says it will take a lot of money to fix this iconic corner.

“$148,685. And that’s exactly what we can see on this ending. There might be other things we need to do.

The IMA posted signs asking the public to get permission before using the site. They will also apply for federal funds that have been designated for the area to help pay for reconstruction.

“With all the redevelopment happening here at 24th Street, we want to make sure this corner is up to par too, so people don’t get hurt when they come to see the site.”

Dr. Martin Williams is co-owner of the Carver Legacy Center, the King Memorial is right next to his financial center. Williams has a particular interest in the memorial.

“I was named after Martin Luther King in Monticello Mississippi, so I had to study it,” Williams said.

Williams says with everything going on in the world today, it’s critical that this memorial be in top condition, so people can visit and remember what King was.

“It reminds us of an idea. An iconic idea that is the best thing in the world for us all to live together.

The Interfaith Ministerial Alliance of Metro Omaha is also accepting donations to repair the memorial.

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