Ogun government slows down repair of Lagos-Ibadan road

The Ogun state government has noted that the contractors tasked with repairing the Long Bridge axis of the Lagos-Ibadan highway are slow.

The PUNCH reports that the traffic jam caused by repairs on the Long Bridge has caused misery for motorists, as the place has also attracted miscreants who rob commuters at odd hours.

Speaking to our correspondent by telephone on Monday, the state governor’s chief press secretary, Kunle Somorin, sympathized with motorists, noting that the federal government had been contacted about repairs.

He noted that the state government has contacted the federal Department of Labor to expedite the repair process.

Somorin said: “We are working on it. We have made representations to the Federal Department of Public Works to ensure that something is done quickly on this, as we understand that it has been caused by potholes that contractors are battling with.

“But we feel they are too slow and something serious needs to be done immediately.

“We sympathize with motorists and commuters there. We don’t leave them to their devices.

According to him, the state government was helping by deploying traffic personnel to the site.

“We even offered to give them our staff to help them; to provide 24-hour service security so that the road can be repaired. That’s what we did.

“But it is a federal road and we cannot take over the management of this road. We can take care of the traffic situation, but the diversion contractors need is unrealistic,” Somorin said.

Somorin was also optimistic about the FG’s response, saying the road will be fixed “in no time”.

“The officers from our traffic management agency are there. The solution is for the contractors to fix the road.

“We have approached them and we are sure that in no time something will be done,” said the assistant to the governor.