North Tonawanda requests $30 million in emergency aid to repair the treatment plant | Buffalo Political News

Koepsell, a former sewage plant employee, was named superintendent by former GOP Mayor Arthur G. Pappas in January 2021, upon the retirement of William M. Davignon, a former Niagara County Democratic lawmaker and employee. long-standing from the city sewers.

The five-story building would contain 111 apartments, said Tom Celik, director of development for DLV Properties.

In an interview, Tylec said that the administrations of Pappas and his predecessor, Robert G. Ortt, as well as the still Republican-controlled Common Council, had not done enough to maintain the sewage plant.

“It’s me being reactive because they weren’t proactive over 10 years ago,” Tylec said.

Ortt, mayor from 2010 to 2014, is now the Republican Minority Leader of the state Senate.

State Senator Robert Ortt.

Marc Mulville

He released a statement calling for state help, as did Conrad, who joined Tylec for a Friday press conference at the plant.

“It is disappointing that new Mayor Austin Tylec is already pointing fingers rather than finding solutions to the challenges facing North Tonawanda,” Ortt spokeswoman Katy Delgado said in an emailed statement.

“Senator Ortt is pleased to respond to the city’s request for access to emergency funds to improve aging infrastructure,” Delgado said.

Robert Pecoraro

Robert E. Pecoraro, Alderman of North Tonawanda

Thomas J. Prohaska

Robert E. Pecoraro, chairman of the Republican Council, said the city launched a capital improvement plan several years ago to help the plant. Koepsell said the first phase of this plan is under construction.