Letter: Highway 6 needs repairs | Letters to the Editor

Congratulations on the August 25, 2021 “On the Rise” article outlining ODOT’s response to the increase in automobile accidents. Since there is still time, I have an answer.

The ODOT website is not user friendly. Hobbyists like me can’t find the data. I often drive highways 6, 30 and 101 from Lincoln County to Clatsop County and from Tillamook County to Multnomah County.

I see ODOT signs and feel tampons. I see the Oregon State Police. There are problems everywhere, but is Route 6 one of the most dangerous roads in Oregon?

ODOT exploits the hillsides of healthy straight-grain fir trees. And OSP is setting up speed cameras in Bay City and Garibaldi.

Otherwise, most weekend mornings and afternoons, the disaster that is Highway 666 is a racetrack for a select few.

These offenders do not receive any attention from the OSP every weekend despite the regularity of their offence. I’m not going to call out the offensive drivers but to say that they know they can drive as they want with impunity on the tarmac highways as they have done for generations.

They say if you want to steal something, do it in broad daylight. The ODOT and the OSP are institutions which, on a human level, do an excellent job. At the administrative level, I wonder what guides their decisions on a daily basis. Constantly in need of repairs but with no fix or upgrade in sight Highway 6 is the domain of motorized morons who have a deal with the devil may care about it every weekend and every holiday.