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Law Enforcement Blotter: March 25-27 – Alexandria Echo Press


Friday March 25

Fraud, money wired from appellant’s bank account and bank would like a report made, victim defrauded of approximately $83,000, County Estates Court NW.

Public Assistance, Third Avenue W.

Public assistance, the caller is with the Township of Alexandria and has questions about how to deal with the trash that continues to spill out at the location in other yards, Maple Drive SE.

Public Assistance, Third Avenue W.

Help another agency, Third Avenue W.

Assist another agency, State Highway 114 SW.

Accident with property damage, third party caller stating there is a overturned fish shack, partially blocking the lane, County Road 7 NW, Brandon.

10-52 with vehicle, vehicle rollover with injuries, County Road 82 NW, Brandon.

Help another agency, Sixth Avenue E.

Complaint at the wheel, red Ford truck not allowing cars to pass, County Road 4 SW.

Motorist Assistance, County Road 5 NE.

Motorist Assistance, Radiator Problems, County Road 28 SW.

Help another agency, Evergreen Lane SW.

Help another agency, Pike Street W, Osakis.

Saturday March 26

Suspicious activity, Homestead Road NE, Nelson.

Assist another agency, 18th Avenue E.

Help another agency, North Nokomis NE.

Complaint at the wheel, caller stating that the person is driving without a license, the vehicle is unoccupied and parked in front of the bar, Town of Miltona.

Public assistance, a man needs help getting into his wheelchair, Carlson Beach Road NW.

Help another agency, Oak Street W, Osakis.

Assist another agency, County Road 30 NE, Nelson.

Complaint at the wheel, vehicle swerving over the center line, County Road 4 SW.

Public assistance, wants to speak to the deputy on a cold case, Seventh Avenue W.

Sunday March 27

Assist another agency, Seventh Avenue E.

Public assistance, people stuck in lobby elevator, no one called back, they were able to get people out, Arrowwood Lane NW.

Fire, unattended brush fire in vacant lot, Lake Ida Way NW.

Help another agency, North Nokomis Street.

Public Assistance, County Road 5 NW, Garfield.

Suspicious activity, caller said there was a man standing on the lake, saw no one on the ice, Darling Lake.


Friday March 25

Suspicious vehicle, Fourth Avenue E.

Public assistance, assistance list, no injuries, Lark Street.

A suspicious person, a man or maybe a woman with a winter jacket and a big backpack was knocking on the garage doors, the person thought he heard shouting, Fillmore Street.

Drug activity, caller found drug paraphernalia in apartment and would like to be tested, Fillmore Street.

Drug activity, third degree controlled substance and fifth degree controlled substance, Northside Drive NE.

10-50 hit and run, customer saw a black Yukon hit an employee’s car and take off, State Highway 29 S.

Fraud, someone cashed a check that was paid to another vendor, Third Avenue E.

Juvenile Troubles, North McKay Avenue.

10-50 hit-and-run, Broadway St.

Juvenile Troubles, North McKay Avenue.

Complaint at the wheel, caller claims young child sitting in driver’s lap, South Broadway Street.

Public Assistance, Hawthorne Street.

Help another agency, Fillmore Street.

Criminal property damage, caller says plastic patio furniture flew out of back of truck and damaged his vehicle, 22nd Ave E.

Suspicious activity, caller states front door of vacation rental left wide open for two days, wind likely blew door, Rosewood Lane SE.

Juvenile Troubles, Sixth Avenue E.

Theft, an older man in a brown coat took the woman’s keys about half an hour ago at 45 mins North Nokomis NE.

Help another agency, County Road 4 SW.

Public Assistance, Ninth Avenue, Osakis.

Juvenile Disorder, State Highway 29 S.

Saturday March 26

Help another agency, Sixth Avenue E.

Public assistance, caller would like an officer to drive past his home and ensure his garage door is closed, Cherry Lane NE.

Suspicious activity, green car with someone sleeping in it, Fifth Avenue W.

Public Assistance, Third Avenue W.

Suspicious activity, the caller discovered that someone had spilled cans on his front porch on Cedar Street.

Suspicious activity, Fifth Avenue E.

Suspicious activity, report of a group of people shouting in the driveway, the parties were just having a conversation, everything is fine, Sixth Avenue E.

Public Assistance, State Highway 29 S.

Complaint at the wheel, the gray Ford Edge was following the caller and driving erratically, North Nokomis NE.

Theft, the caller believes someone stole packages from the mailbox on Thursday night at the scene, a man then tried to resell his own package to him, North Nokomis Street.

Accident with property damage, no injuries, State Highway 29 N.

Public assistance, caller states man was handing out flyers, caller wants it removed, 30th Ave E.

Public Assistance, Seventh Avenue W.

Suspicious vehicle, people were on private property digging in dumpster, advised to pass, 30th Ave E.

Public Assistance, Third Avenue W.

Sunday March 27

Public Assistance, State Highway 29 S.

Help another agency, North McKay Avenue.

Accident with material damage, minor accident, no injuries, route de Genève NE.

Robbery, gas dump, Broadway Street.

Motorist assistance, dead battery on vehicle, North McKay Avenue.

Accident with property damage, minor accident, no injuries, Interstate 94 SW.

10-50 hit-and-run, caller says he saw vehicle hit another vehicle in parking lot, then take off, North Nokomis Street.

Public Assistance, Fillmore Street.

Suspicious activity, a black car with a woman inside stopping every few yards, appears to be crashed into the seat, Lake Street.

Theft, a woman came out with her bag and didn’t pay, Broadway Street.

Assist another agency, 34th Avenue W.

Public assistance, North McKay Avenue.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, but rather a brief summary of daily calls to service.