LA’s sidewalk priorities are as broken as its alleys

For the publisher: In California, property owners are responsible for maintaining sidewalks adjacent to their property. (“LA Stumbled On Its Duty To Fix The City’s Broken Sidewalks,” Editorial, November 23)

The City of Los Angeles should revert to state law regarding this matter and cite landowners to require them to complete the repairs within a reasonable timeframe, after which the city should commit to having the work done by third parties. and place a lien on the offender. goods.

As of this writing, to my amazement, the city is replacing the usable sidewalks in front of my property. Why? There are so many urgent sidewalk repairs needed nearby. In parts of Los Feliz, the borders have completely disappeared, almost turning urban rights-of-way into country roads.

The priorities are a jumble at the town hall.

Richard Stanley, Los Feliz


For the publisher: The sidewalk problems in Los Angeles started before the age of 45 mentioned in this article. Decades before the city took responsibility for repairing sidewalks, it took responsibility for tree maintenance.

It all started when an inhabitant of the city decided to plant eucalyptus and ficus on the walks. In Playa del Rey, there isn’t a sidewalk that isn’t broken and raised by at least one foot where eucalyptus trees are planted.

Many of my neighbors and I paid dearly to remove the eucalyptus trees in front of our property in addition to having to pay to replace both the curb and the sidewalk. We even had to pay the city for the permit allowing us to do this work.

Unfortunately, not all owners take this kind of initiative.

Joann Duray, Playa del Rey


For the publisher: If the city doesn’t take care of the trees that cause so much damage to the sidewalks, this problem will never go away. The city’s arborists seem to favor the appearance rather than the practical consequences of the trees selected to beautify the city.

Ficuses, which are beautiful and provide plenty of shade, are the worst choice for sidewalks.

Felipe Hernandez, Glendale

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