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Keeping Children Safe | Wyndham

Kidsafe Victoria has launched a new safety campaign with the aim of reducing the number of driveway runover incidents, including at Wyndham.

On average, seven children between the ages of 0 and 14 are killed and 60 are seriously injured due to driveway runover incidents each year in Australia – more than one child per week.

In the past 18 months alone, at least two children have been killed in driveway runover incidents in Victoria.

Many runovers happen in the morning and late afternoon – times when families are leaving or returning from school, kindergarten and work.

The launch of the campaign, supported by the Transport Accident Commission, coincides with the busy back-to-school period, calling on motorists to be extra vigilant in and around driveways, car parks and roads.

Melanie Courtney, chief executive of Kidsafe Victoria, highlighted the dangers the driveways pose to children, saying their unpredictability and large vehicle blind spots put them at increased risk.

“Children under five are most at risk – they are unpredictable, surprisingly quick and may follow you down the aisle to see what you are doing or say goodbye.”

“All vehicles have a large blind spot – some extending up to 15 meters – which can prevent the driver from seeing a child. Even with sensors or reversing cameras, a child may not be noticed until ‘it’s not too late,’ Ms Courtney said.

The campaign focuses on three measures that can be put in place to keep children safe around entrances:

* Supervise – always supervise children in and around the driveway. Hold his hand or hold him close to protect him.

* Separated – Separate play areas from driveways and garages whenever possible. This can include installing high handles on garage doors, installing fencing to separate the house and garden from the driveway, and installing self-closing doors and gates.

*See – all vehicles have a large blind spot behind them, some extending up to 15 meters. Backup sensors and cameras can help reduce blind spots, but they should never be relied on to keep children safe. It’s a good idea for drivers to get into the habit of walking around their vehicle before getting in when leaving an area where a young child is present.

As part of the campaign, driveway safety messages will be delivered through a new video, a range of educational materials, a social media campaign, public advertisements and community service radio announcements.