How to Fix Tridents in Minecraft 1.19 Update

There are several types of weapons in Minecraft. Swords are the most typical since they only deal attack damage. Axes can also be used as weapons. They have the second best attack damage of any weapon or tool in the game. There are also projectile weapons, with arrows that can be fired with bows and crossbows. Crossbows also have the ability to fire rockets. Fire charges also fall under the category of projectile weapons.

Tridents can be used in either direction. They can be a melee weapon or a projectile. They are difficult to obtain and usually arrive to players in a damaged state. Here’s how to fix them in Minecraft version 1.19.

Minecraft 1.19 players can get a drowned trident and then proceed to repair it

In Bedrock Edition, 15% of all drowned spawn with a trident that they can throw at players. This number drops to 6.25% in Java Edition, making tridents a much rarer item.

These drowned are the only mob that can drop tridents and, although the game recently received a major update, offers the only way to obtain them in vanilla Survival.

A drowned person who has a trident has a very low chance of dropping that trident, with an 8.5% chance of dropping the item. The odds change with each level of plunder:

  • Loot I – 9.5%
  • Loot II – 10.5%
  • Loot III – 11.5%

In Java Edition, tridents can have enchantments. But for both editions, the fallen trident is almost always badly damaged. Even if not, the mob will not drop a trident with full durability.

Repairing a trident is quite simple, although it requires some hard-to-obtain items. Since tridents cannot be crafted, there are no items to repair them; a diamond pickaxe can be repaired with diamonds, but this concept does not apply to tridents.

Trident (Image via Mojang)
Trident (Image via Mojang)

Instead, Minecraft players must find another trident to repair the one they want to repair with. Two tridents can be combined to get a better trident.

This can be done using a crafting table. Two damaged tridents in the crafting grid will produce a repaired trident. This process, however, removes enchantments.

Tridents can also be combined into a stack. Putting two broken tridents in either location on the grindstone GUI will produce a trident. This trident will also have its enchantments removed (with the exception of Curse of Binding I or Curse of Vanishing I).

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Combining two damaged tridents on an anvil is the best way to fix them with enchantments. Enchanted items can be placed in an anvil and they will remain enchanted. However, this takes the durability of the anvil,y and the process also costs Minecraft XP levels. That said, the cost won’t be too high, so this process is worth trying if the trident has an enchantment.

The last method to repair a trident is the Mending I enchantment. XP collected while the weapon is in hand will be used to repair it. Eventually the XP will completely fix it and keep it there.

Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh

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