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How to Fix a Broken iPhone Charger Cable

(Pocket-lint) – Apple’s iPhone lineup has some seriously impressive phones, and they still use the same Lightning port as their primary charging mechanism, along with the wireless charging option.

If you find that plugging your iPhone into a Lightning cable connected to power doesn’t charge it, there are a few things you can do to figure out why it’s not working.

How to Fix a Broken iPhone Charger Cable

If you’ve tried the cable connected to several different power sources (be it laptops, portable batteries, or a charging outlet), you may become more and more convinced that the cable is defective.

In this case, for most people, the easiest thing is to throw away the cable and get a new one – you can buy replacement cables from Apple if you want a quality guarantee, but there are also many third-party Lightning cables available. through the likes of Amazon.



Sometimes cables degrade so that they work intermittently, or only work in certain carefully arranged positions, and if this is the case for you, we advise you to purchase a replacement before you find that it fails. not work at all, and before it risk causing electrical damage.

How to fix your iPhone charger connector

However, if you think you want to try something before you ditch your Lightning cable, one thing you can do is clean the connectors on the end of the cable that plugs into your phone.

If they’re dirty, it can be a problem for charging, but using a cotton swab and some isopropyl alcohol can make cleaning the connector quick and easy. However, you will need to wait until the connector is 100% dry before connecting it to your phone or power.

If you suspect there is sludge in your phone’s port, rather than the connector, you can try cleaning it out with a can of compressed air or a soft, non-metallic toothpick.

How to Fix a Broken iPhone Charging Socket

If you’ve checked your phone’s port and you’ve verified that a charging cable is working, but the phone isn’t charging, the next step is probably to check if the charging jack itself is still working. These can fail after a few years, after all.

You can check if it works by trying to charge another device and gently cleaning its ports. If that still leaves you with nothing, but the outlet in your wall can power other devices you have, the charging outlet may have run out.

These sockets are unfortunately no longer the kind of thing you can quickly open and rewire for new life – you’ll have to get rid of them and get a new one. Again, you can order replacements from Apple or get a higher quality option from a third-party brand like Anker.


Written by Max Freeman-Mills.