Homeowners and AC repair companies brace for triple-digit heat

IRVING, TX (CBSDFW.COM) – The sweltering North Texas heat is back with high temperatures expected to hit triple digits for the next few days.

Irving resident Linda Lindsey sadly knows what it’s like to lose your air conditioner in these conditions.

“My house was hot, I thought, oh no, this can’t happen,” Lindsey said.

In June, her 18-year-old air conditioner broke and, thanks to a HUD grant program through the city of Irving, got a new one for free and can now relax with her dog Oreo without breaking a sweat.

“Very lucky I did when I did,” Lindsey added.

But not everyone can qualify for this specific program.

CBS 11 news spoke to Cool Experts AC about what you can do now to keep your AC unit from failing.

“I would definitely recommend people change their filters at least once a month,” co-owner Gus Gonzalez said. If there’s a breakdown or lack of freon, they can catch it before we get those three numbers.”

And be patient because the air conditioning places are flooded.

“Everyone has failures, everyone needs help, so our phones are ringing nonstop,” said co-owner Omar Zazay.

Also, this year, supply chain issues continue to delay some repairs, which doesn’t help either.

“So we have to be able to be versatile and adapt, change brands to be able to make the client operational,” added Zazay.