Replace broken

Homeowner receives council approval to replace damaged roof of 100-year-old garage

At its recent executive committee meeting, the city council voted to give Margaret Deagle until Wednesday, August 31 to repair the roof of her garage at 1014 Sixth Avenue Northwest.

The garage is dilapidated and its roof is collapsing, but an owner will be allowed to replace the top of the structure and continue to use the building as a warehouse.

At its recent executive committee meeting, the city council voted 5-2 to give Margaret Deagle until Wednesday, August 31 to repair the roof of her garage at 1014 Sixth Avenue Northwest, subject to an engineering report. structural. If she misses the deadline, she must demolish the building by Friday, September 30.

Councilors Heather Eby and Dawn Luhning opposed it.

The recommendation will become official when the board approves it at its next regular meeting.


A building official sent Deagle a letter May 20 about his decrepit garage and ordered the structure to be demolished by June 10, based on two sections of the property maintenance bylaw and nuisance, explained a council report.

City Hall has received complaints from neighbors about the condition of the garage since May 2021, while an inspection by the official showed that the structure “is in very poor condition and poses a risk to neighboring properties”.


Dave Deagle, Margaret’s son, spoke to the council and asked that they be given time to remove the damaged roof since some of the interior rafters had collapsed.

“We tried to knock it down (this summer) but first we shingled (Ms. Deagle’s) house and we ran out of time and it broke before we could do that,” he said, noting that they plan to install new rafters since the century-old garage is still viable and adds to the value of the property.

It will take about a month to replace the roof, and once that’s complete, the family will add eyebolts and large industrial strapping inside the building to bring the walls together as they are slightly domed, Deagle continued. They will also add spacers for a stronger roof, which should help hold back the heavy snow.

Council debate

The roof is in “a very, very rough condition”, the adviser said. Doug Blanc, and while he wasn’t opposed to the Deagles replacing the roof, he wanted a delay so the project wouldn’t drag on for months. He also wanted an engineering report to review improvements so the building would not threaten the safety of neighbors.

Other councilors such as Jamey Logan, Kim Robinson and Crystal Froese have agreed to provide an extension to repair the roof. Conversely, Luhning opposed being granted an extension and said maintaining the original demolition order was not a difficult decision for her.

“It’s things like that when neighboring citizens complain about the rundown of the property…I just think it’s the responsibility to be a good neighbour,” she said. “So when these things are administered by our settlement officers, we have settlements for a reason and we have deadlines for a reason. It’s not new. »

Logan disagreed, saying the board was fulfilling its duties in granting the extension. He pointed out that the neighbors are unhappy with the appearance of the structure, the building official has recommended that it be demolished, the owner has requested time to replace the roof, and the council grants that request.

“By doing this, I think we’ve done our job here,” he said, adding that the move should appease adjacent neighbours.

The next Executive Committee meeting is Monday, July 11.