Garage doors

Have you locked your vehicle?

Logan Police urge all residents to ensure your vehicles and homes are locked and secure.

Recently, there has been an increase in vehicle thefts in the Logan area.

We call on all vehicle owners and drivers to lock these vehicles at all times and also secure your keys. Also, be sure to secure all entry points to your home, even when you are at home.

Most of us rely heavily on our cars, whether it’s for travel, work or going to the shops for essentials. Having a car stolen is stressful, inconvenient and expensive.

There are simple tips and steps we can take to ensure that this type of crime can be avoided in the future. Here are a few on securing your car and other possessions.

  • Always close your garage door even when you are at home
  • Secure your vehicle in well-lit areas
  • Remove valuables from your vehicle and do not leave them in plain sight
  • Consider installing a motion alarm on your vehicle and a dash cam that records when the vehicle is not in use
  • Also consider installing a fence at the front of your property to prevent access to the house
  • Remember to store your keys out of reach and sight of opportunistic offenders
  • The exterior doors of your home should be strong and equipped with quality locks
  • Install security screens on all glass doors and windows
  • Install an intruder alarm that not only covers movement, but also the opening or sliding of windows and doors.

Or go to the Queensland Police Service website for more information on crime prevention here.

Crime prevention is everyone’s responsibility and we need your help, so make good security of your vehicle, home and keys a habit today.

If you have information for the police, contact Font link by providing information using the online suspicious activity form 24 hours a day

Anonymously report crime information via Crime Stoppers. Call 1800 333 000 or report online at