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Hart planning requests between April 11 and April 17

The list below, taken from the Hart District Council website on Tuesday, April 19, contains planning applications that became valid the previous week in Hart.

  • Approval of Condition 7- Bird Hazard Management Plan- in accordance with 21/02002/FUL Demolition and replacement of agricultural building, silo and stores to create a wellness center with rural work space flexible and an annexed vitality bar, creation of a secondary access road, parking and landscaping at The Old Dairy, White Lane, Greywell, Hook, Hampshire.
  • Shaft works at Braemore, Avenue Road, Fleet, Hampshire.
  • Extension of the front porch to double height to add a toilet on the ground floor and to enlarge the storage room on the second floor. Front door to be moved to side of new porch to maximize parking on existing driveway. Window to be added to first floor W/C. The original bedroom window will be featured at 46 Lymington Avenue, Yateley, Hampshire.
  • Approval of condition – 3 – construction management plan – in accordance with 20/02668/FUL Construction of a four bedroom detached dwelling (after demolition of existing bungalow) at 60 Courtmoor Avenue, Fleet.
  • Shaft works at Henry Ransells Almshouses, Hawley Green, Blackwater, Camberley, Hampshire.
  • Approval of Condition 3 (Elevation Plans) and 4 (Wall and Door Materials) per 21/02711/FUL Removal of one wall, erection of new section of wall and two wooden doors at Farmhouse Palace Gate Farm, Odiham Hook.
  • Erection of single storey front, single storey rear, first floor side extension and conversion of garage to habitable accommodation at 9 Shires Way, Yateley.
  • Erecting a conservatory following the partial demolition of the existing conservatory at Grafton House, Farnham Road, Odiham Hook.
  • Erection of a one-storey rear extension, addition of a new porch awning and minor changes to the fenestration at 47 Fairmile, Fleet.
  • Conversion of loft to habitable accommodation with dormer windows and insertion of a ceiling light on the side slope of the roof at Woodrush, Atbara Road, Church Crookham, Fleet.

  • Partial demolition of the outbuilding and construction of a one storey side extension at 23 The Lea, Fleet.
  • Erecting an infill porch extension at 15 Mitchell Avenue, Hartley Wintney, Hook.
  • Demolition of conservatory and erection of two storey rear extension, insertion of door and ground floor side porch awning at Hollybank, King Street, Odiham Hook.
  • Application for a legal planning certificate for a loft conversion project with a rear dormer window and the insertion of four skylights on the front roof slope and one on the rear roof slope at 25 Warbler Road, Farnborough.
  • Erection of a detached garage, changes to ground levels, new retaining wall and steps and paved driveway at Greenslopes, Cricket Hill Lane, Yateley.
  • Application for a legal development certificate for a loft conversion project with a rear dormer window and the insertion of two skylights on the slope of the front roof at 70 Alton Road, Fleet.
  • Conversion of loft to habitable accommodation with rear dormer at 11 Cresley Drive, Hook.
  • Create a new access to the rear garden, a new wall to replace the existing perimeter wall, a two bay garage and bay garden store with storage, a new parking area with three hardstanding spaces and a fenced enclosure at the parking area at Damales House, Borough Court Road, Hartley Wintney, Hook.
  • Erecting a one-story infill porch extension, one-story rear extension after demolishing the existing veranda, replacing the window with folding doors and blocking the door and window on the main floor side ground at 28 Meadow Way, Blackwater, Camberley.
  • Legally required asbestos removal from roof space and repair work to roof and main chimney. Removal of cold water tanks in the roof of Monteagle House, Monteagle Lane, Yateley.

  • Erection of a side and rear one-storey extension following the demolition of the existing outbuilding, replacement of the window at the front of the ground floor with door, extension of the driveway, creation of a patio, new gate and derelict curb at 10 Pondtail Gardens, Fleet.
  • Demolition of the existing conservatory, erection of a single storey rear extension and insertion of a dormer window into the existing side roof pitch at 82 Ferndale Road, Church Crookham, Fleet.
  • Conversion of garage to habitable accommodation to include replacement of garage door with window and change of French doors to folding doors on rear elevation at 4 King William Court, London Road, Hartley Wintney, Hook.
  • Proposed front and rear roof dormer extensions and erection of porch at 2 Abbots Close, Fleet.
  • Erection of a four bedroom dwelling and detached garage following the demolition of the existing two bedroom dwelling and adjacent stables and alterations to the driveway at Swallow Cottage, Rye Common, Odiham Hook.
  • Tiled roof, insertion of three conservation velux roof windows, replacement of French doors with new traditional style French doors. Fitting a window to the rear side wall adjacent to the rear patio doors, replacing plastic guttering with new plastic or aluminum and replacing windows with wood or aluminum at Deansgate, Alton Road, Odiham Hook.
  • Erection of an outbuilding containing a bedroom and a shower room after the removal of the existing shed at 10 Milmay Terrace, Hartley Wintney, Hook.

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