Closing system

Government pledged to strengthen Armed Forces Tribunal: Rajnath Singh

Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said on Saturday that the government is committed to making the Armed Forces Tribunal more autonomous and responsive and to implement the necessary steps in this direction.

The Minister indicated that justice is a strong pillar of democracy, and judicial officers and lawyers are in turn pillars of this judicial system. He said people are knocking on the doors of the justice system when all other options are closed to them and that strong justice systems are the foundation of good governance.

Addressing the gathering at a seminar titled “Introspection: Armed Forces Tribunal”, organized by the Main Bar Association of the Armed Forces Tribunal in New Delhi, he said that area-specific tribunals have were created to deal with various cases and settle pending cases.

The Minister stressed that litigants have confidence in our judicial system and that all necessary measures are being implemented, such as filling vacancies in the courts, to speed up the justice process. He also assured the gathering that the government would consider suggestions that would emerge from the seminar to meet the aspirations of ex-military and serving personnel for speedy justice.

The minister called for a balance between “justice delayed is justice denied” and “justice hurried is justice buried” to ease the burden of waiting on the justice system in general and the Armed Forces Tribunal in particular, as delivering justice in a timely manner will not only ease the burden on the Armed Services Tribunal, but will also build our soldiers’ confidence in the system.



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