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Gasoline Prices Continue to Rise Despite Gasoline Tax Exemption

(WFSB) – Gasoline prices continue to rise and everyone is feeling it.

Even a gas tax suspension is not enough to provide relief, and some businesses are struggling.

“That’s ridiculous, it’s the cheapest gas I’ve found here. Just walked around. $4.59 a gallon for regular use, that’s crazy,” said Steve Redekas, owner of American Excellence Garage Doors “This thing won’t engage and my truck won’t be full.”

Gas prices keep rising.

Even though lawmakers have suspended the gas tax until December 1, it’s barely noticeable.

There is no relief for diesel.

“And now the diesel is really much more than normal?” said Shen Rashid, a gas station owner. “Diesel costs about $6.69.”

Many landscaping companies and forestry companies depend on diesel.

“I would say for any job it’s probably $100 or a few hundred dollars,” said Ian Fay of Trout Brook Arborists.

Arborists at Trout Brook have about a dozen trucks, and Fay says they have no choice but to pass gas prices on to their customers.

This happens for several reasons.

One is inflation. Everything is more expensive these days.

There was also a drop in production during the pandemic because people were driving less.

It will take some time to get production going again, but economists say the biggest factor is the war in Ukraine.

“The real driving force is the war in Ukraine over gas prices. They would fall back, production would slowly increase, and maybe in the summer months they would stay around that, and they would decrease. But today the question is simply when the war in Ukraine will end,” said Chris Ball, professor of economics at Quinnipiac University.

Economists say it could be another year or more before prices fall.