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Ford Endeavor replacement: A powerful SUV under Rs 30 lakh

Need an automatic SUV, which can handle rough roads, has good ground clearance and enough space for 5-7 passengers.

BHPian Accelerate recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Currently I own a Ford Endeavor 3.2 Titanium and as per company policy I have to opt for a new car in Feb 2022. Endeavor 3.2 was a hoot to drive and if Ford had continued in India I would have opted for the same! As it is no longer available, I am looking for the alternatives:

My requirements:

  • The car should be fun to drive, comfortable, powerful with good ground clearance. I will be the one driving it. Even though I don’t do off-roading, I would like the car to handle rough roads with aplomb.
  • Must have good resale value as I can only keep the new car for 44 months as per company policy
  • It should be spacious but can be a 5 or 7 seater in the ex-showroom price range of 30 lakhs. (I don’t need more than 5 passengers, but I don’t mind the 7 seater option)
  • I should be able to get the car in 2-3 months when I reserve it in March 2022.

Options in the calculation:

  1. Innova Crystal AT 2.4 Z: I guess that’s the most logical choice. My grouse is that it’s not that fun to drive, the steering is difficult at low speeds and has minimal characteristics. It would have been great if Toyota had provided some features like ventilated seats, upgraded AUDIO system in 2022!
  2. Hyundai Tucson AWD AT: Guess it’s an all-rounder and I liked it second best when I took the test drive 4 years ago and then finally bought Ford Endeavour. My grouse is that this is the same car as it was 4 years ago with aging interiors and in its final stage of life, which could significantly affect resale value. There is also no clear information about the launch of the new generation Tucson in India, in which case I would have strongly considered this option.
  3. Tata Safari XZA+ Gold: Might be a significant downgrade from Endeavour, but for testing, but reviews sound exciting and have useful features like ventilated seats etc. I would like to hear your comments.

Other options considered:

  1. Mahindra XUV AT: Best VFM but can’t afford the insane waiting period. So excluded.
  2. Toyota Fortuner 4×4 AT: Perhaps the best replacement for Ford Endeavor 3.2. But I had tested Fortuner when I bought Endeavor 4 years ago and didn’t like the bumpy ride and minimal features. Even though Fortuner is vastly improved now in terms of power, features, etc., the bumpy ride and ex-showroom price of 39+ lakh are the deciding factors for me. The resale value of Fortuner is good but might not make up for the significant increase in initial price I have to pay compared to other options.
  3. Jeep Compass Model S AT: Could be a fun ride, but it’s compact and might not fetch a good resale price after 44 months

So what do you think would be the best option for me? Please let me know.

Here is what BHPian akash_v12 should say about it:

Is there a way that would allow you to continue your Endeavour? I just realized how the Endeavor is too good and how hard it is to replace it with anything before crossing the 50-60L bracket. If you can, it is highly recommended of me to continue. The Endeavor was quite a popular model which should make spare parts readily available in India and around the world.

If you need to replace the Endeavor anyway:

  • The Fortuner is not worth replacing. The ride is still bumpy according to most BHPians.
  • Tucson is a viable option. That’s a lot of car for a reasonable price. We have a facelift in the company and it never feels out of place in this current generation SUV. In fact, I prefer this generation. on the new generation car. I expect the discounts to be quite steep given that 4th Gen isn’t too far away now.
  • The Compass, although very expensive for what it is, is actually one of the few cars that actually has everything you want and is still fairly recently updated.
  • Go for one of the Germans or get a Skoda Superb or an Audi A4 (the prices are somewhat appetizing, think about it if you can skip the off-road part)

Here is what BHPian lamborghini should say about it:

As Akash pointed out, the Endeavor is a brilliant vehicle and finding an upgrade might not be so easy. If there’s an option to keep the Endeavor and upgrade it later on a higher budget, it’s worth considering.

If that’s not an option, best to research sedan alternatives like the Superb/A4 or explore the Tucson/Tiguan.

For 4 years, the Tucson has updated interiors, added some equipment including all-wheel drive and panoramic sunroof, and also got a new 8-speed gearbox. Although it is not segment leader, in terms of price and package offered: it is a good buy.

Here is what Anandhsub BHPian should say about it:

Why not the new Kodiaq? I guess 30 lakhs is not a hard limit considering you considered the Fortuner.

Compared to the others on the shortlist, only Kodiaq would feel like a replacement or even an upgrade.

Check out BHPian’s comments for more ideas and information.