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Florida and Maryland cut sales tax on diapers amid record inflation

Parents and caregivers in Florida and Maryland are getting a diaper tax break starting Friday.

Why is this important: With inflation at a 40-year high, the average cost of diapers nationwide has risen nearly 22% since 2018, according to NielsenIQ, a data company that tracks consumer prices. Boston public radio station WBUR reports.

The big picture: Children need at least 50 diaper changes per week or 200 diaper changes per month, depending on the National Network of Layer Banks.

  • The estimated cost of a year’s supply of diapers for one child is $936 per year, the network said. With a 7% reduction in the sales tax rate, this would represent a savings of $66.
  • California, Massachusetts, Minnesota and New York are among the states that already have diaper tax exemptions, according to the network, which the network says works “to end the need for diapers and period poverty.” in the USA”.

Details: Florida approved a variety of sales tax exemptions and the annual holidays diapers as well as clothes and shoes for children under 5 is expected to save $120.4 million through June 30, 2023.

And after: The City of Denver is eliminating sales tax on all diapers and adult incontinence products, effective October 1, reports Esteban L. Hernandez of Axios Denver. Colorado will eliminate the state tax starting January 1.

  • Iowa makes cloth and disposable child and adult diapers exempt from state tax starting Jan. 1, according to legislation signed by Governor Kim Reynolds in mid-June.
  • Ohio is considering eliminating a diaper tax, reported.

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