Fishery Shipowners Association President Aleksey Osintsev to speak at the Ship Repair, Modernization and Components Conference

Image source: FSA

The event will be organized by PortNews Media Group as part of SEAFOOD EXPO RUSSIA, September 20, 2022

(FSA), will speak at the Ship Repair, Modernization and Components conference on September 20, 2022. The conference will be held in Saint Petersburg as part of SEAFOOD EXPO RUSSIA. Aleksey Osintsev will present a report on the prospects for the modernization of the Russian fishing fleet.

FSA brings together 28 sea fishing companies. Its activities are focused on improving the competitiveness of the Russian fishing and transport fleet and increasing the share of Russian fishing enterprises in the world production of aquatic biological resources .

Among the tasks of the FSA is the assistance of cooperation between fishing companies owning fishing and transport vessels with federal and regional government authorities within the framework of the requirements, interests and rights of the members of the Association. to be taken into account when pursuing the policy of development and modernization of the state. of the fishing and shipping fleet.

The Conference scheduled for September 20, 2022 will include three sessions:

  • Regulatory framework of the ship repair market in Russia
  • Modernization and construction of ship repair facilities. Major projects
  • Components: equipment, materials, technologies, supply chains

The Ship Repair, Modernization and Components Conference to be held on day zero of the World Fisheries Forum and Seafood Expo Russia (SEAFOOD EXPO RUSSIA) in St. Petersburg with the support of the Fishery Shipowners Association.

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