Edmond residents puzzled by sudden widespread garage door opener failure

EDMOND, Oklahoma (KFOR) – Many owners of the northern Oklahoma City subway are reportedly having issues with their garage doors. Their remote clickers and pads just stopped working. These are not normal problems and even experts cannot be sure of the source of the problem.

“3 days ago I came home and my garage was not working with my clicker,” said Preetam Sharma, a resident of Edmond.

And this owner near NW 192nd and Portland isn’t the only one.

“I push the button on my car so the garage door goes down and nothing happens,” said Phil Bartholomew.

The two men live across from each other. Both say the wired interior button opens the door. They replaced the batteries and tried reprogramming the signal, but the switches just don’t work.

“I thought there was something bigger than battery or sync issues happening if it was that prevalent,” Sharma said.

“It’s a matter of frequency, I’m sure,” Bartholomew said.

And it is widespread. Posts on Nextdoor and Facebook have over 30 responses from all over their neighborhood.

“Several people in my street have the same problem. I’m on the other side of the neighborhood over a mile and a half, ”said Jennifer Stanley.

Stanley says she saw the social media posts and came to us to see if she could get help.

“I’m not sure where to go right now and didn’t want to spend $ 175,” Stanley said.

The problem is not only in this neighborhood. Sharma says he has colleagues in the center and in the far east of Edmond with the same issues, all with different brands of door motors.

The problem isn’t just with garage doors. Bartholomew says his key fob won’t lock his car at home and our wireless mic was having issues while we were shooting the story, so we called in an expert.

“This widespread situation is a strange situation,” said Russ Pyle. “The owner of Precision Garage Doors took a look at Preetam and Phil’s doors.

“LED lights can be the root of this problem,” Pyle said.

But each opener contained a conventional light bulb, and since the wall buttons worked, it probably wasn’t the computer chip. What could it be?

“It could be LED lights, Christmas lights, or other things that emit radio signals,” Pyle said.

The LED lights in these screens and the light strands emit signals. With the issue starting recently, Pyle says you might want to wait a bit before calling a technician for an expensive service call.

“It’s Christmas. We’ve got a bunch of lights out there. Maybe it would be best to wait until after Christmas and the lights go out until you make a decision on what to do next. Pyle said

We called the Edmond and Oklahoma City Police Departments, and officials from each department said they had not received any calls regarding garage door offenses in those areas, so felony no. is probably not to blame.

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