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Drivers face 11-mile diversion as engineers fix ‘sinking’ road ’caused by HGV drivers’

Roadworks on the Burley to Bransgore road due to the sinking of the bridge

DRIVERS face a staggering 11-mile diversion as engineers repair a ‘sinking’ New Forest Road.

Pound Lane, near Burbush car park between Burley and Bransgore, closed on February 17 and will remain so “for up to a week”.

The closure will allow Bournemouth Water engineers to repair a burst water main which is affecting the structure of the bridge.

And motorists should travel north on Ringwood Road, to Crowe Hill, west to Christchurch Road (B3347), south to Burley Road, then east to closure .

New Forest District Council ward councilor for Bransgore, Richard Frampton, blamed HGV drivers ‘following their satnav’ for the road sinking.

The route is currently being used by drivers who would normally travel on the A35, which is closed while engineers replace a bridge at Holmsley.

Cllr Frampton said a ‘void’ has now been created under the burst water pipe due to sand being washed away.

He said, “I was there with two highway engineers, and I was slowing traffic because they couldn’t see the ramp.

“It’s caused by big heavy goods vehicles that shouldn’t be on this road. HGV drivers exiting the A31 and A35 follow their GPS on this road and ignore the signs.

“The reason it sank was because the HGVs broke a cast iron water pipe.

“I don’t know how long it will take to fix it and the question remains what do we do with the void below.”

Bournemouth Echo: A road is about to close after part of it started to collapse.

Bournemouth Echo: A road is about to close after part of it started to collapse.

Cllr Frampton said Bournemouth Water was working to fix the pipe as he contacted police asking them to take action against the HGV drivers.

He added that he had observed a “40 tonne truck” using the bridge and road “moving”.

“All I can do is alert people to the gravity,” he continued. “It’s in Bournemouth Water’s hands at the moment and I wish them god speed.”

With the A35 closed due to replacement of the Holmsley Bridge, Cllr Frampton said the work would cause “chaos” in Burley.

He said: “The only saving grace is that Bransgore will be a lot calmer. When you think of the A35 closing it will cause absolute chaos in Burley.

“That’s where we are at the moment. This is because truck drivers have gone through too much hardship.

Bournemouth Water has been contacted for comment.