Closing system – Hermco Mon, 17 May 2021 10:23:19 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Closing system – Hermco 32 32 Improvements to the state mental health system aimed at filling gaps in the crisis network Mon, 17 May 2021 10:00:00 +0000

Those experiencing mental health crises in Wisconsin say being closer to their homes could reduce the trauma of being transported away from friends and family when they need it most.

The state operates two mental hospitals, one in Madison, the other in Winnebago. Emergency detentions have increased dramatically at the Winnebago Mental Health Institute, with emergency detentions in the northwest region of the state rising from 5% to 21% in five years, according to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

Regional services could help, believes Chrissy de Superior, who said she has had more than a dozen encounters with police over behavioral issues that have resulted in reckless driving and suicide attempts.

“One year, I was hospitalized every month except August. That same year, I was admitted to the Winnebago Mental Health Institute from January to the end of May, ”where she said she was diagnosed with bipolar anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. WPR does not use Chrissy’s full name to protect her privacy.

Oshkosh-based Winnebago Mental Health is nearly five hours from Chrissy’s home.

“I lost not only the sense of myself, but eventually my job, my house, my pets … I was removed from my daily life and from all my friends except one”, recalls- it.

Governor Tony Evers has proposed that regional crisis stabilization facilities be included in the state’s spending plan for the next two years. Chrissy said she believed such facilities would have provided the intensive behavioral services she needed earlier and “gave me back my life before I lost it all.”

Since receiving the care she needed, she said she bought her first home, had a dog and a cat, and had worked at the same job for 11 years.

Evers’ budget plan also includes an extension of what the state’s Medicaid program covers when it comes to treating drug addiction disorders. Currently, the state’s Medicaid program covers residential treatment, but it does not pay for overnight stays.

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For Brandi of Milwaukee, residential treatment is what helped her recover from an addiction disorder.

Brandi, whose last name WPR does not use to protect her privacy, said she started drinking alcohol at age 13 when her parents divorced. She then switched to prescription opiates and heroin.

The mother-of-two struggled to find care, and while her mother helped watch her children and find resources, none of them were near her home.

“I didn’t have a car. Getting on a bus on one side of town was a challenge in itself, as was trying to stay sober for a day,” she recalls.

Brandi then received residential treatment which helped her recover.

It remains to be seen whether these proposals are found in the state budget. Earlier this month, Republican lawmakers removed from office 384 of the governor’s budget provisions with a single vote in the deliberations of the Legislative Budget Drafting Committee.

Proposals withdrawn from the Evers government’s spending plan include everything from expanding Medicaid, to legalizing marijuana, to modernizing Wisconsin’s unemployment system.

Possible improvements to the state’s mental health system have yet to be voted on by lawmakers.

“We know that additional investments will be needed in behavioral health care,” DHS Associate Secretary Karen Timberlake told reporters last week. “We know we have gaps in our crisis network that we need to fill.”

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2,000 patients moved across Ontario to free up beds – but it’s taking its toll Fri, 14 May 2021 08:00:00 +0000

When Alison McVinnie’s husband Kevin Crozier suffered a severe stroke in February, he was transferred between three different hospitals, all within hours.

In a quick attempt to get specialist care, the 54-year-old was admitted to the couple’s local hospital near Collingwood, Ont., Then transferred to a larger facility 40 minutes from Barrie, Ont. before being airlifted to Sunnybrook. Toronto Health Sciences Center for life-saving surgery.

As a result of this procedure, Crozier was referred to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Barrie at the end of March to recover closer to home, ending his time bouncing back in the province – at least McVinnie thought.

“You could just feel the mood and the energy change,” she said. “And things were getting stressful.”

The number of COVID-19 admissions to Ontario’s intensive care units was increasing and on April 9, the province announced an emergency order allowing hospitals to transfer patients without consent to help increase the capacity of hospitals. hard-hit establishments.

Just over a week later, McVinnie was told that a fourth unexpected transfer for her husband was in the works.

McVinnie shares a photo of herself and her husband, who are recovering in hospital from a serious stroke. He is now hospitalized in Orillia, Ont., An hour’s drive from the couple’s home. (Evan Mitsui / CBC)

Crozier was eventually sent to a hospital in Orillia, Ont., An hour’s drive from the couple’s home, forcing McVinnie to re-explain his situation to another medical team.

He has since battled secondary infections, including pneumonia and pulmonary embolism, and began to struggle more to communicate. Although he doesn’t have COVID-19 himself, McVinnie said, her beloved husband ended up being “collateral damage” in the pandemic.

And she still doesn’t know when he will return home – or if he will be transported elsewhere.

“You are completely helpless,” McVinnie said.

‘Stressful all around’

So far this year, more than 2,000 patient transfers have taken place across the province, many without consent, between regions within hours of each other – from Toronto to Ottawa to northern Ontario. .

And while the move may help increase hospital capacity in areas where COVID-19 cases are on the rise, several Ontarians who spoke to CBC News said it is also tearing families apart and having an emotional impact on loved ones. patients and healthcare workers. take care of them.

Dr Chris Martin is the Intensive Care Team Leader at Royal Victoria Hospital in Barrie, Ont., Which in recent months has transferred at least 118 patients to other hospitals. Since the beginning of December, more than 200 patients in the Toronto area have been transferred and the majority were battling COVID-19. (Sylvia Thomson / CBC)

At the Royal Victoria Hospital in Barrie, the last place Crozier stayed before his last transfer, pandemic pressures have become intense this year.

The facility now has a field hospital on site and has had to transfer at least 118 patients to other hospitals in recent months – mainly those requiring less intensive care – to ensure there was a bed capacity to care for patients coming from the Toronto area.

Since the start of December, more than 200 patients in the Toronto area have been transferred and the majority were battling COVID-19, the hospital told CBC News.

“Moving the patient for an hour on the road, or sometimes across the entire province, to get care, this distance is very difficult for families,” said Dr. Chris Martin, Intensive Care Team Leader of the Royal Victoria Hospital, adding that “everything is stressful. around” for its staff too.

1,133 patients transferred in April alone

Ornge, a non-profit air ambulance service operating in Ontario, has been instrumental in moving patients around the province in recent months – to frightening levels.

Since January 1, the Ornge team and local paramedics have completed at least 2,068 intensive care capacity building patient transfers, which does not count transfers made for other non-pandemic reasons. according to the latest data.

The monthly tally has increased month-to-month, with 1,133 patients transported in April alone during the province’s third wave peak.

Some of these people were treated on their trip by Ornge’s ICU paramedic Naomi Williams, who said she had never experienced anything like the current wave of transfers during his 21 years of work.

Trips can take hours, which often means Williams does well in the evening or even after midnight. Even then, she says, there never seems to be enough time to handle the constant load.

“It’s exhausting, to be honest,” she told CBC News. “We are all working so hard right now. We are working additional teams to try to cover the demand. ”

Sometimes, after loading critically ill and intubated patients onto a stretcher to prepare them for transport, Williams said, she sees family members waiting near ambulance bay, hoping to get a first glimpse of loved one since their admission.

Once the patient is on board, each transfer is filled with perilous moments where Williams is alone in the back of an ambulance, on the lookout for any bumps in the road that might bother a fragile patient – including many young adults. .

“I cannot believe the frequency and sheer volume of people who need this type of care,” she said.

Naomi Williams, an intensive care paramedic with the Ornge Air Ambulance Service in Ontario, says she has never experienced anything like the current surge in transfers in her 21 years on the job. Trips can take hours, which often means Williams does well in the evening or even after midnight. (Jared Thomas / CBC)

Ministry of Health recognizes ‘difficult period’

In response to questions from CBC News, Ontario Ministry of Health spokesperson Anna Miller said provincial officials recognize that “these are very difficult times and particularly painful for those in need of care. hospitable ”.

Despite provincial investments to increase capacity, the hospital system faced “unprecedented pressures on critical care capacity during Wave 3,” she said.

Ontario’s emergency order allows hospitals to transfer patients only when necessary, in response to a surge in admissions and in the hope of making reasonable efforts to transfer patients to the site. origin or other suitable location, Miller said.

Radhika Gandhi, a resident of Brampton, Ont., Whose father underwent a transfer between hospitals before his death from COVID-19, said she hoped policymakers would learn from the current capacity crisis before he there will never be another pandemic.

She said her father, Kanaiya, developed symptoms of COVID-19 at the end of December after an outbreak at the factory where he worked. He was admitted to Brampton Civic Hospital, where Gandhi said it was easy to build a relationship with his father’s medical team.

“There was a doctor who spoke my father’s mother tongue,” she said, “and they were able to speak to him in Gujarati before putting him on a ventilator.”

Radhika Gandhi of Brampton, Ont., Said her father, Kanaiya, developed symptoms of COVID-19 at the end of December after an outbreak at the factory where he worked. He was taken to hospital and then transferred to another facility, where he died. (Jared Thomas / CBC)

But to the family’s surprise, and although Kanaiya was based so close to their home, the hospital later announced that it would be moved to another facility an hour’s drive from Newmarket, Ont. After this move, he died on February 4, at the age of 58.

“In the weeks after his transfer he had a lot of secondary infections. It really made me wonder, was it because of this transfer? If he had stayed in Brampton Civic, would would that have happened? ” Gandhi said.

“And there’s no evidence leading to that, saying the transfer did anything. But you can’t help but wonder.”

“ Trauma after trauma ”

Speaking to CBC News at her rural home, a bright red home meant to mimic the apples found in the orchard in front of each fall, McVinnie said she hoped to open a new chapter with Crozier at the property they came from. buy last year. – a complex where their children can visit and where they could receive friends in their golden years.

Now he feels empty without his husband, although McVinnie was able to drive an hour each way to get to her husband’s hospital to visit him closely every day and monitor his slow recovery. He communicates more, she says, and regains his sense of humor.

McVinnie overlooks the property near Collingwood, Ont., Which she and her husband Crozier bought last fall, before he suffered a stroke. While he doesn’t have COVID-19 himself, McVinnie says, it ended up being “ collateral damage ” in the pandemic. (Evan Mitsui / CBC)

Yet this latest transfer, she said, sounded like “trauma after trauma.” And she knows her family is not alone.

“COVID has its own path which is so destructive. But what is happening where we are is we are moving people who also need medical attention,” McVinnie said.

“And that’s an example in the surgeries being canceled and the old people being sent here and there and everywhere … and, you know, it kind of diminishes their importance.”

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HSE shuts down IT systems after ‘major cyber attack’ as Rotunda hospital cancels appointments Fri, 14 May 2021 07:33:06 +0000

The HSE was forced to shut down its computer systems following a “cyber attack” this morning.

All computer systems have been shut down as a precaution and to allow time to “assess the situation”.


Dublin’s Rotunda Hospital has asked people not to attend except in an emergencyCredit: Alamy
HSE CEO Paul Reid said the attack was 'very important'


HSE CEO Paul Reid said the attack was ‘very important’Credit: Photocall Ireland
The attack is 'man-made'


The attack is ‘man-made’Credit: Getty

The HSE tweeted, “There is a significant ransomware attack on HSE computer systems.

“We have taken the precaution of shutting down all of our computer systems in order to protect them from this attack and to allow us to fully assess the situation with our own security partners.”


HSE boss Paul Reid said it was a “human” and “very significant” attack.

The Covid-19 vaccination system was not affected.

Speaking on RTE’s Morning Ireland, he said: “Our first priority is to contain the problem. This is a major incident for us.

“As the morning progresses we will have more clarity on the impact of this.

“The vaccination program is continuing, it is not impacted.

“So come on ahead for this.”


Dublin’s Rotunda Hospital has canceled all appointments today.

A statement reads: “The Rotunda Maternity Hospital suffers a significant ransomware / cyber attack which affects all electronic systems and records of the hospital.

“The hospital staff are working to resolve the problem.

“All appointments have been canceled for today Friday May 14th.

“The only exception is for patients who are 36 weeks or more pregnant.

“Otherwise, you are asked NOT to attend the Rotunda unless it is an emergency.

“La Rotonde will publish updated information as soon as possible.”

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Irish Health Service Shuts Down Computer Systems Following ‘Major Ransomware Attack’ | World news Fri, 14 May 2021 07:14:51 +0000

The Irish health service shut down its computer systems after what it described as a “major ransomware attack”.

The head of the Republic’s health service (HSE) said he had shut down his entire computer network as a “precaution”.

It said COVID-19[female[feminine vaccination appointments were unaffected by the cyberattack and went as planned.

“There is a significant ransomware attack on HSE computer systems,” the HSE said on Twitter.

“We have taken the precaution of shutting down all of our computer systems in order to protect them from this attack and to allow us to fully assess the situation with our own security partners.”

He added: “We apologize for the inconvenience to patients and the public and will provide further information as it becomes available.

“Unaffected vaccinations are continuing as planned.”

Learn more about the Republic of Ireland

Dublin’s Rotunda Maternity Hospital has been forced to cancel many routine appointments due to IT issues in what it has called a “critical emergency”.

“Due to a serious computer glitch, all outpatient visits are canceled today – unless you’re 36 weeks pregnant or later,” the hospital tweeted.

He said all gynecological clinics were canceled on Friday.

In a tweet, the hospital added: “If you have any urgent concerns, please introduce yourself as usual.”

The country’s national ambulance service said it was unaffected and had no impact on emergency calls.

HSE chief executive Paul Reid told national broadcaster RTE: “It’s a very sophisticated attack, not just the standard

“This has an impact on all of our national and local systems which would be involved in all of our basic services.

“Fortunately, the vaccination program is continuing, it is a separate system.”

Mr Reid said the attack largely affected information stored on central servers, not hospital equipment.

Ransomware attacks typically involve the infection of computers with malware, often downloaded by clicking
on seemingly harmless links in emails or other website pop-ups.

Users are banned from their systems, with the demand for a ransom to be paid to restore computer functions.

They differ from a data breach or other types of hacking, which can steal large batches of customer data or other information from companies or individuals.

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Cyclone Tauktae may be among the ‘strongest’ on India’s west coast in two decades Fri, 14 May 2021 06:54:36 +0000

Formation of cyclone Tauktae on the morning of May 14. Image: Earth NullSchool

The first cyclone of 2021 may be here, and it may be a storm. Cyclone Tauktae is likely to form on May 16, 2021 in the Arabian Sea. The system needs to be watched closely for rapid escalation, which can make forecasting difficult.

Current storm characteristics indicate rapid intensification. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) said in its Last update over the cyclone that an area of ​​low pressure had formed in the southeastern Arabian Sea near Lakshadweep on the morning of May 13.

IMD, in its latest cyclone update released on the afternoon of May 14, said a low had formed early in the morning of the same day. The low, which lies 360 kilometers west-southwest of Kannur in Kerala, is likely to intensify into a deep low on the evening of May 14 and a cyclone on the morning of May 15.

IMD predicted that the cyclone’s track will take it in a north-northeast direction until the evening of May 14 and in a north-northwest direction thereafter, towards the coast of Gujarat.

The meteorological agency predicted that the cyclone could escalate into a severe cyclone on the evening of May 15 and a very violent cyclone with wind speeds exceeding 160 km / h on the evening of May 16. On May 13, IMD had scheduled the cyclone to form on May 16. The cyclone is expected to reach the coast of Gujarat on the morning of May 18.

But this scenario is changing rapidly and uncertainly due to the unusual warming of the Arabian Sea which could itself be a consequence of global warming resulting from greenhouse gas emissions from human activities.

Data from the US National Centers for Environmental Prediction’s Global Forecasting System, visually represented on two different online platforms (Nullschool Earth and Windy), shows that a depression has already formed and that Cyclone Tauktae could form on the evening of May 14.

This would be well ahead of the IMD timeline, a sign of rapid escalation and imminent endangerment of India’s western coastal states.

IBM The weather channel reported that the formation of the cyclone could take place on Friday (May 14) or Saturday (May 15), well before the current May 16 of the IMD.

IMD’s current forecast for the cyclone’s track is in a north-northwest direction from its current position towards the coasts of Gujarat and Pakistan. The agency said the cyclone could strengthen further and hit the Gujarat coast on the evening of May 18.

Many weather models predict that the cyclone’s path will be really close to the coast, meaning coastal areas of Kerala, Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra will experience heavy rains from May 14 and continue through the week. -end, according to The weather channel.

The private weather monitoring company also predicts the cyclone will be one of the strongest the west coast of India has seen in more than two decades. Two heavily populated mega-cities in South Asia, Mumbai and Karachi, will be on the cyclone’s path this weekend.

Roxy Mathew Koll, climatologist at the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology in Pune and lead author of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate, Told Down to earth:

The frequency and intensity of cyclones in the Arabian Sea have increased in recent years. This is due to rapid warming which has made the relatively cooler Arabian Sea (compared to the Bay of Bengal) a warm basin region that can actively support the formation of cyclones.

Scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Princeton University in the United States and the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom analyzed 90 peer-reviewed articles to understand the impact of a change Climate on Tropical Cyclones – a combined name used for hurricanes, cyclones, and tropical cyclones. typhoons.

They concluded that there could be a five percent increase in maximum cyclonic wind speeds if the world warms two degrees Celsius by 2100. The study was published in the ScienceBrief review in March 2021.

Koll further added:

Warming oceans have also created new challenges. Cyclones are now intensifying rapidly as the warm waters of the ocean serve as fuel. Extremely severe cyclones like Fani and Amphan went from weak to severe in less than 24 hours due to warm ocean conditions. State-of-the-art cyclone models are unable to select this rapid intensification because they do not accurately integrate ocean dynamics.

Rapid intensification occurs when there is an increase in maximum sustained winds from a cyclone of at least 55 kilometers per hour in 24 hours.

All these conditions are also valid for Tauktae. “It turned into a low pressure system sooner than expected. As of now, it is expected to turn into a cyclone by May 16. Since ocean and atmospheric conditions are now favorable, the chances of early cyclone formation and rapid intensification cannot be excluded, ”Koll ​​warned.

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Take a ride on the open road (hands free) with Super Cruise Fri, 14 May 2021 02:22:02 +0000

Recently, I wrote about Ford’s dive into hands-free driving with its BlueCruise technology, which is slated to debut on the 2021 F-150 and 2021 Mustang Mach-E models later this year, but the Blue Oval is not the first Detroit automaker has to make a big bet on technology.

Rival General Motors has been publicly dedicated to semi-autonomous technology for almost a decade, and likely much longer behind the scenes.

The company first acknowledged the existence of Super Cruise when it released a statement in April 2012 that it was road-testing semi-autonomous technology capable of driving hands-free on the highway. According to the press release, the technology developed by Cadillac “is able to steer, brake and center the lane fully automatically on the motorway under optimal conditions”. The release went on to say that the technology could be ready for production by the middle of the decade and, yes, the term “Super Cruise” was mentioned by name as well.

In the end, GM executives were slightly behind in their projections, as the first production car equipped with Super Cruise didn’t happen until the 2018 Cadillac CT6 arrived. The CT6 is a full sedan. grandeur GM has announced that it will cease operations in North America shortly after the first model equipped with a Super Cruise goes on sale. It became a China-only car in 2020, but Super Cruise lives here because GM cross-pollinated it into other Cadillac vehicles.

For 2021, Super Cruise is offered on the CT4 and CT5 sedans with the Escalade full-size SUV, which is all-new as a fifth-generation model. This year will also mark the first time Super Cruise will be available on a non-Cadillac when it rolls out in the 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV, a battery-electric crossover that goes on sale this summer.

These vehicles are just the start of GM’s Super Cruise offensive that will see all four GM brands deliver the technology for years to come. Earlier this year, GM said it would be available on 22 models by 2023, including the highly anticipated 2022 GMC Hummer EV and 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ, both battery-electric.

Recently, I was one of a handful of Canadian automotive journalists invited by GM Canada to spend a week testing Super Cruise in the 2021 Escalade.

Before discussing my impressions, a few notes on Super Cruise. Currently, there are over 321,000 kilometers of compatible roads in the United States and Canada. These roads are defined as “divided and compatible roads that are separated from opposing traffic,” according to the Cadillac Canada website.

For the Toronto area, the qualifying roads are confined almost exclusively to the 400 series highways, although Route 115, which connects the eastern boundary of the Greater Toronto Area to Peterborough, is also included.

Second, Super Cruise works through two main pieces of the underlying technology: a driver attention system and precision LiDAR map data. The former uses a driver-facing infrared camera mounted on the steering column that uses head and eye tracking to determine if the driver’s attention is on the road. If diverted for too long, the system uses prompts (seat haptic vibrations, chimes and the steering wheel light bar) to prompt the driver to refocus on the road.

As for the latter, without getting too far into the technical weeds, LiDAR (light detection and telemetry) is used to collect precise mapping data. It works in conjunction with the vehicle’s GPS, sensors, and a host of front and rear mounted cameras and radars to keep the Escalade on track.

Super Cruise is classified as a Level 2 Semi-Autonomous System, which means it is a driving aid, not an automated self-driving system. It’s also not standard equipment on the Escalade ’21, but an option that costs an additional $ 2,875. My tester, an ESV Sport Platinum, has a starting MSRP of $ 121,298 which comes to $ 134,343 before taxes.

During my test drive, I took the 401 East from Oshawa to Port Hope, which is approximately 100 kilometers round trip. I have run shorter distances, like Oshawa to Bowmanville and Newcastle, on a few other occasions. I drove day and night in dry conditions.

On this stretch of the 401, Super Cruise performed impressively. Once the adaptive cruise control was engaged, I simply picked up speed and centered on the lane, waited for the white notification in the steering wheel light bar to light up and pressed the button. Super Cruise on the wheel. Almost immediately the steering wheel indicator light turned green, I took my hands off the steering wheel and barely touched it the entire time I was driving down the highway.

While this section of the 401 is not deserted, it is much less crowded than the part that runs through Toronto, which made for a smooth and cohesive experience. I maintained a constant speed and didn’t change lanes often, but with Super Cruise on, it only took a push of the turn signal lever to do so. Driving a vehicle that can change lanes with precision at freeway speeds without driver intervention is truly something to see.

Some other notes to pass on before concluding. First of all, special attention should be paid to the road when Super Cruise is engaged. During my test, it only took a few seconds of inattention before the system reminded me to focus on the road. GM engineers have tuned the system to a high degree of sensitivity, so if you want to load a podcast or switch radio stations, you better be quick.



In addition, the presence of new sidewalks and road markings does not guarantee that Super Cruise will work. For example, there is a section of 401 between Courtice and Bowmanville that was redone a few years ago during the construction of Highway 418. I drove over it several times during my day and night test, in east and west direction, and the steering wheel flashed blue when I tried to engage Super Cruise, meaning it was not available. This isn’t a big deal, as it’s only a few miles long and will likely be patched with software updates, but it’s something to keep in mind for newer blacktops.

In summary, Super Cruise is impressive technology and it will be interesting to see what additional GM vehicles receive the technology in the next few years. And with Ford on the verge of entering the hands-free driving market, more will likely follow. The big questions that remain now are how much and for how long.

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Organized Crime Boosts Sci-Fi Shoplifting, Shutting Down 17 Walgreens in Five Years Thu, 13 May 2021 23:27:08 +0000

For years, John Susoeff walked from his home two blocks to the Walgreens on Bush and Larkin streets – to take prescriptions for himself and for less mobile neighbors, to get a new phone card and to get discounts for seniors on the first Tuesday of the month.

That changed in March when the shoplifting-ravaged Walgreens closed. Susoeff, 77, who occasionally uses a cane, now goes six blocks for medicine and other necessities.

“It’s terrible,” he said. On his last visit before the store closed, even the beef jerky was behind the lock and key. A Nearby CVS closed in 2019, with similar reports of rampant shoplifting.

“I don’t blame them for the shutdown,” Susoeff said.

Last year, burglaries increased in most areas of San Francisco. Shoplifting declined under the pandemic lockdown and declined slightly the year before, but incidents are often underreported and have become more violent and brazen, police said.

Retailers attribute the majority of losses to professional thieves rather than opportunistic shoplifters, who can be driven by poverty, a CVS executive calling San Francisco a hub for organized crime in the retail industry. The losses have closed pharmacies providing life-saving services, which is even more critical during the pandemic as some stores distribute vaccines.

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Florida to require ‘job search’ for unemployment benefits from June 1 Thu, 13 May 2021 21:50:21 +0000

TALLAHASSEE – People in Florida’s unemployment system will have to show they have looked for work on a weekly basis after Memorial Day, as the state works to get workers back to work, especially in restaurants .

Additionally, a process is in place for business owners to report unemployed claimants who violate the “job search” rule, which will require people to apply for five jobs per week.

Dane Eagle, executive director of the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, said on Wednesday that the job search requirement, which was lifted last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, would be reinstated on June 1 for new applicants. Unemployed. Gov. Ron DeSantis also said last week that the job search requirement would return.

“You’ve seen restaurants that had to close earlier or open later or close on certain days of the week,” Eagle said at a press conference outside the Metro Deli in downtown Tallahassee. “All over the Panhandle I saw signs that say, ‘Welcome to the new pandemic’. The 2021 pandemic is unemployment, the inability to hire. So, we have to put an end to this.

Florida’s unemployment rate was 4.7% in March, representing 475,000 jobless people out of a workforce of 10.17 million.

Eagle said many people take advantage of $ 275 a week in Florida and $ 300 in federal aid, which when combined is competitive with weekly pay at many restaurants and businesses in the entertainment industry.

Rob Bazemore, owner of Metro Deli, said he was lucky that most of his staff of around 12 continued to work during the pandemic, but as the economy recovers it has been difficult to recruit new recruits.

“We’re going to have a hard time competing, until that extra $ 300 is gone,” Bazemore said. “Once it comes down to $ 275, we can now work with that. We can beat that, but if you want to beat us $ 600 a week, it won’t be easy for us.

Eddie Agramonte, owner of Gordo’s Cuban Kitchen in Tallahassee, said the need for workers is also hitting his suppliers, which he says is leading to delivery delays and rising prices.

“I don’t understand why people no longer have that urge to keep raising, instead of staying home and earning an extra $ 300 a week,” Agramonte said. “At $ 300, why not win $ 400, or why not win $ 500? They have to have that ethic in themselves to want to go out and do the job.

DeSantis waived the job search requirement in an executive order, as the state’s unemployment rate climbed to 13.8% in April 2020, when the pandemic forced businesses to close or downsize significantly.

“We put this on hold last year at that time because, quite frankly, there were no jobs,” DeSantis said last week.

When the order expires on May 29, Eagle said business owners will be able to report if someone does not meet the job search requirement.

“So if you apply for a job and don’t show up for an interview, or turn down a suitable job, that will be reported to us and you won’t be able to recover,” Eagle said.

The Florida Senate last month approved a bill (SB 1906) that would have increased the maximum weekly payments from $ 275 to $ 375, added additional weeks during which benefits would be available, and changed the search requirement for employment. The proposal called for the number of job searches to increase to three per week for most people and to two per week for people living in counties with fewer than 75,000 inhabitants.

But DeSantis expressed opposition to the increase in weekly payments and the House did not take the bill back from the Senate.

One concern of House Republicans was that the increase in benefits could lead companies to put more money into the state’s unemployment compensation trust fund. Similar reasoning was used when benefits were cut in 2011 to mitigate a large increase in corporate unemployment taxes.

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‘Defining Moment’: Gillibrand Close to Victory in Struggle to Reform Military Justice System | Local News Thu, 13 May 2021 21:34:21 +0000

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a Democrat from New York, announced Thursday that she had secured 61 co-sponsors for her Military Justice Improvement and Prevention Act.

Associated press

WASHINGTON – Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand is set to win her eight-year battle to reform the military justice system to crack down on sexual assault in the military.

Gillibrand, a Democrat from New York, announced Thursday that she had secured 61 co-sponsors for her Military Justice Improvement and Prevention Act. She needed at least 60 senators to support the bill to ensure that opponents could not use a filibuster to prevent her from moving forward.

“This is a defining moment,” said Gillibrand. “Since I started working on military justice reform in 2013, we have been blocked twice by the 60-vote filibuster standard, despite a Senate majority in favor.”

The bill is now likely to be passed by both houses of Congress and become law this year, said Senator Charles Grassley, Republican of Iowa and one of the bill’s early supporters.

“It is completely unacceptable that so many of those who serve our country in uniform have faced a system that is broken,” Grassley said. “The hard work of our coalition, especially Senator Gillibrand, has brought us to the brink.”

Commanders are now deciding whether to prosecute sexual assault in the military, but Gillibrand’s bill would strip them of that duty. Under this bill, independent military prosecutors would decide when to prosecute major crimes, including rape and sexual assault, murder, manslaughter, endangerment. ‘children, child pornography and negligent homicide.

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Disney sees encouraging signs of recovery as parks reopen and Disney + memberships soar Thu, 13 May 2021 21:29:31 +0000

The Walt Disney Company second quarter earnings call revealed new information on how the theme park and movie studio company is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, while showing signs of improvement for business results. In the second quarter, Disney’s diluted earnings per share (EPS) from continuing operations for the quarter increased to $ 0.50 from $ 0.26 in the previous year quarter. Diluted EPS for the quarter increased 32% to $ 0.79, from $ 0.60 in the prior year quarter. EPS from continuing operations for the six months ended April 3, 2021 decreased 64% to $ 0.52 from $ 1.43 the previous year. The results for the quarter and the half-year ended April 3, 2021 were negatively impacted by the coronavirus. The company reported sales of $ 15.6 billion in the quarter.

“We are pleased to see more encouraging signs of recovery in our business and we remain focused on ramping up our operations while fueling the long-term growth of the company,” said Bob Chapek, CEO of The Walt Disney Company, in a report. “This is clearly reflected in the reopening of our theme parks and resorts, increased production in our studios, the continued success of our streaming services and the expansion of our unrivaled portfolio of multi-year sports rights contracts. for ESPN and ESPN +. ”

The Disney Parks, Experience and Products segment, which includes Disney Parks and Resorts, Disney Cruise Line and Consumer Products, has felt the largest impact as since the end of the second quarter of In fiscal year 2020, some arms in the segment were closed or were operating at a reduced pace. capacity. Disney Parks, Experiences and Products posted a $ 1.2 billion year-over-year decline in operating income. Disneyland Resort, Disneyland Paris and Disney Cruise Line were all closed for the duration of the quarter. Hong Kong Disneyland Resort was open for 30 days in the second quarter, and Walt Disney World and Shanghai Disneyland Resort were both open for the entire quarter. Chapek said 80% of the cast members they asked to return to work did so and “ create magic for the guests. ”

Walt Disney World visitor attendance trends continue to improve and customer spending is up double digits from the previous year. The Florida resort also “met the goal of a net positive contribution, meaning that revenues exceeded the variable costs associated with the opening,” according to the call.

Disney has already started expanding capacity at Walt Disney World and will continue to do so throughout the summer, as guidance from the CDC and local authorities arrives. “We have already started to increase our capacity, the advice we obviously received from the CDC today regarding those who have been vaccinated no longer necessarily need to wear masks, both outdoors and inside. This is really big news for us, especially if someone has been to Florida in the middle of summer with a mask on. It could be quite intimidating. So we think that is going to make the experience even more enjoyable and we think that as we are now bringing a lot of people back to work, this is going to be an even bigger catalyst for the growth in attendance, and we were very happy with that. day, ”Chapek said. “So I think you’re going to see an immediate increase in the number of people who have been able to enter our parks thanks to our reservation systems that we have recently put in place. So we’re very, very excited about it.

Disney’s Direct-to-Consumer business operating results in the quarter improved by more than $ 500 million from a year ago, driven by stronger results at Hulu and ESPN +. Disney + results were on par with the previous year’s quarter, as the increase in subs was offset by higher content, marketing and technology costs.

Disney + now has 103.6 million paying subscribers worldwide. Disney is on track to meet its goal of 230-260 million subscribers by the end of fiscal 2024, according to Chapek.

Disney-owned studios have been hit by theatrical closures, but Disney is hoping people want to return to theaters this summer. Because of these movies like Cruella, Black Widow, and The jungle cruise will be released simultaneously on Disney + and in theaters with Premier Access. Pixar Luca will air exclusively on Disney + at no additional cost. Later this year, Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings will be released with an exclusive 45-day theatrical release. All of these, along with the original series, will all make their way to Disney streaming platforms for everyone to see after a set amount of time.

Based on the call for results, Disney is starting to slowly recover, as many arms of the company shut down quickly after the start of the coronavirus pandemic. The reopening of more movie studios, theaters and vacation destinations will continue to have a positive impact on The Walt Disney Company.

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