Bronx Stay Home Dad Needs Fixes: Monica Makes It Happen

A Bronx father said he had been fighting over repairs to his home for over a year. Struggling with an ongoing leak, he worries about the health of his two children who are learning from a distance.

Philandow Burton is a night security guard; during the day he is a stay-at-home dad. Burton said he had a bathroom leak in the Bronx for over a year.

Duct tape and wood panels, he said, were the city’s solution.

“Nothing has been done, a lot of empty promises. The hose is sweating and the water continues to flow. Plumbers won’t do anything, ”Burton complained.

Every day, her fifteen-year-old son is a few feet from the mess.

Burton tried to plaster it himself, but the water keeps coming. He put in tickets, called management almost every day – he’s tired of bypassing.

A NYCHA spokesperson responded to PIX11 with a statement:

“NYCHA staff visited Apartment 1F to assess the situation and discovered the leak was from a broken battery in the apartments above. A plumber is scheduled for tomorrow morning and plasterers are scheduled to take care of the three affected apartments over the weekend and early next week. “

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