Garage doors

Brewers Row in Port Moody will get its sixth brewery

Rewind Beer Co. will be the sixth addition to Brewers Row on Murray Street.

Another addition to Port Moody’s Brewers Row will not only bring new beers to Murray Street’s famous strip of craft breweries, it will also travel back in time.

Rewind Beer Co. has yet to reveal when it will open the grand garage doors at 2809 Murray St., but it is already teasing its 1980s and 90s vibe.

The brewery offers tantalizing glimpses of how it plans to revive a not-so-distant past.

Reminders on his social media channels to the culture of those decades have included VCRs, the Rubik’s Cube, New Kids on the Block (NKOTB), TV shows like Knightrider, Perfect Strangers and Saved by the Bell, as well as defunct local landmarks like the Stardust Roller Skating Rink in Surrey and Splashdown Park in Tsawwassen.

Some glimpses of Rewind’s retro tasting room decor include:

  • woodwork
  • a wall of mirrors
  • a glass brick bar
  • faucet handles made from old brick cell phones from the 80s

Excitement among beer lovers of a certain vintage is already building.

“I took out my snap bracelet, baggy socks and NKOTB shirt for the opener,” one Instagram commenter said.

“Just what I need after an afternoon of volleyball in my cut off denim shorts and Vaurnet sunglasses,” another added.

In its application for a lounge license with the BC Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch, Rewind predicts a capacity of 100 people for its tasting room and another 100 for its outdoor terrace.

When Rewind opens, it will expand Port Moody’s Brewers Row to six craft breweries (in alphabetical order):

Additionally, Fraser Mills Fermentation Co. on St Johns Street is back in business after briefly closing in June to address some issues.