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Brecksville is considering the construction of a new $5 million service garage

BRECKSVILLE, Ohio — The city will build a new service garage instead of renovating the existing one, though the project is likely years away.

The reconstruction project is estimated at 5 million dollars. By comparison, a renovation of the existing garage would cost about $3.4 million, a difference of about $1.6 million.

“I think it’s a no-brainer (to build new) with prices so close,” the councilman said. Daryl Kingston said at an Aug. 16 city council meeting, a view shared by most if not all of his council colleagues.

The city had engaged Berea Makovich & Pusti Architects in September 2021 to study whether the service garage, built in the mid-1950s, was worth renovating, or whether demolishing and rebuilding was a better option. The company was paid $25,700 for its services.

Makovich & Pusti, in its final report, said that if initial construction costs were the city’s highest priority, a renovation is the best option. However, in the long run, a new building would save the city significantly on maintenance costs.

“The new building would allow for higher insulation values ​​(and) improved efficiency of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems to reduce operating costs,” the Makovich & Pusti report states.

In addition, a better layout of buildings would allow service employees to work more efficiently, which would lead to more savings and reduce the number of building maintenances postponed due to lack of resources, including funds.

“For the overall long-term solution, we recommend a new building,” the report says.

In its report, Makovich & Pusti cited several issues with the existing service garage, which is on Brecksville Road, just north of City Hall. Garage doors don’t lift high enough and bays aren’t deep enough to accommodate some service vehicles, which have gotten taller over the years. And the ceilings are too low for service employees to work on the vehicles.

Additionally, the garage floor breaks because it was not designed to support today’s heavier service vehicles. The roof needs to be replaced and the building is too small to accommodate the city’s 39 service workers. When the garage was built over 50 years ago, the city employed fewer service personnel.

In addition, the building needs new ventilation and exhaust systems, as well as new mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, all three of which would help save energy and costs. Increased insulation would help reduce heating and cooling expenses.

A renovation of the existing garage, over which the city has built four additions and remodeled several times since the mid-1950s, would address all of these concerns.

In addition, the renovation project would:

· Investigate environmental issues related to the storage of various fluids, including oils.

· Install fire separation barriers instead of a sprinkler system.

· Replace four lifts.

· Add a rolling hoist to a rack.

· Reassign the carpenter’s workshop, which would be relocated to another building.

· Replace all lights with LED lights.

· Expand the dining hall and changing rooms and build a women’s restroom, which the current building does not have.

· Expand the foreman’s office.

· Create a more efficient area for drying wet work clothes.

· Remove all showers that workers do not use.

A new service garage, at 13,460 square feet, would be slightly larger than a remodeled garage, which would be approximately 12,975 square feet. The new garage would also solve any problems with the existing garage.

Don Rerko, director of Makovich & Pusti, said the new building would be laid out differently and more efficiently, making it easier for city employees to work.

“It’s a very simple building,” Rerko told the council in August. “Simple buildings give you less upkeep.”

Rerko said it would take about the same time – 10 to 12 months – to renovate or build new ones. The service department should find a temporary off-site location during construction.

Service Director Ron Weidig said talks of a renovated or new service building began after his department asked for money to expand the mechanics’ bays.

“We’re certainly not asking for this for tomorrow or next year, but we thought it was fair for the board to get a presentation and a document together to plan and budget for the future,” Weidig told the board. .

Advise Brian Stucky said he recently visited the service garage with Weidig.

“They (the service workers) are trying to work in a restricted area,” Stucky said. “They’re trying to make it work and they’re trying to renovate, and when you’re thinking of renovating you want it to be a good project when it’s done. And there’s not much there that I think renovating will help.

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