Antioch Chamber Cares program donates $ 1,000 to the Delta Bowl

Antioch, California – The Antioch Chamber of Commerce’s new Chamber Cares program recently received a generous donation from Assembly Member Jim Frazier. The new donation along with support from caring business owners will allow the House to increase support for local businesses in Antioch that have been vandalized to help defray the costs of cleaning, repairs and of repair.

Recently, the Delta Bowl has been a repeated target of vandals who have smashed the front door with ball guns three times in the past two months.

Small businesses and business owners work long hours, investing time, money and love in our community to provide residents with the items they need and, in this case, family entertainment. Showing up in the morning in front of broken doors is disheartening and depressing, plus it costs $ 1,500 each time to replace the unnecessary act of vandalism.

The Antioch Chamber of Commerce was pleased to visit the Delta Bowl staff and owner Ken melton with a check for $ 1,000 to let them know the business community appreciates their work and wants to help them beat unnecessary crime. The Antioch Chamber of Commerce cares.

Ken Melton, owner of the Antioch Delta Bowl recently invested his resources to help make the Delta Bowl a beautiful, safe and clean place to take your family for healthy fun. The investment included separating part of the bowling alley into a private party venue for rent with special lighting, comfortable seating and a great atmosphere. It also added a great Laser Tag arena and a new arcade. The next time you’re thinking about taking your family to have a good time, please show the Delta Bowl that you are grateful for their investment in our community and that you care and support them.

Antioch’s business community needs the support of the city of Antioch. The recent lack of support for our police force from city council has resulted in a loss of officers, low morale and a reduced ability of our police service to keep us safe. The loss of officers means less ability to patrol and deter these vandals. The city of Antioch must continue to fund and support our police service.

About the Chamber

Since 1938, the Antioch Chamber of Commerce has provided services to local businesses to help them and our city succeed. The Chamber’s mission is to promote the community of Antioch, to represent and advocate for business to government, to help businesses grow and prosper through networking and educational opportunities, and to help create economic growth and jobs for our region. For more information about the Chamber, its members and its services, visit

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