A year later, the fight against pollution interrupts repair work on the flyover in Faridabad: the Tribune India

Bijendra Ahlawat

Tribune press service

Faridabad, December 25

The Badkhal bridge connecting the national road (Mathura road) and sector 21 and the Surajkund area in the city has been damaged for about a year.

The repair of this road used daily by a large number of commuters has not yet been undertaken despite the announcement made by the authorities concerned two months ago.

Switch a risky business

Commuting on the Badkhal flyover has become a risky business as people apply sudden brakes and swerve vehicles while trying to escape potholes. Devender Singh, local

The bumpy road is a cause of annoyance for hundreds of vehicles. Repairs were not undertaken despite the selection of part of the area under the ongoing Smart City project worth Rs 3,000 crore, according to district administration sources.

“Movement on the bridge has become risky and accident prone due to the sudden use of the brakes and the deflection of vehicles trying to escape potholes,” said Devender Singh, an official at the pensioners residing in sector 21C.

Claiming that the issue of damaged roads, including the airlift, has been raised on several occasions with the local MLA, the MP and civic authorities, he said the issue remains unattended.

“Although Municipal Corporation, Faridabad, (MC) has announced that all roads will be repaired by the end of November, the situation remains grim as several major roads in the city have been damaged, posing a threat to the safety of citizens. commuters, ”SK said. Sharma, Coordinator, Road Safety Organization (RSO), an NGO involved in road safety work.

Describing the delay due to lack of coordination, efficiency and leadership, sources within the district administration say that despite the handing over of several roads to the new FMDA (Faridabad Metropolitan Development Authority), no work has been done. been started, leaving residents harassed.

Meanwhile, Commissioner, MC, Yashpal Yadav said the repair of the Badkhal flyover should be done by Faridabad Smart City Limited (FSCL). The deadline for repairing the city’s roads was missed mainly due to the imposition of GRAP (Graduated Response Action Plan – to contain pollution) measures under which construction work remained banned until recently. . Tenders for the repair of some important roads have been launched, he added.

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