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A spate of vandalism attacks hits the Summerfield neighborhood

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Residents of the Summerfield neighborhood said they were extremely frustrated. Their security cameras have caught people fiddling with door handles to see if cars have been unlocked for a while now. But they said Friday night’s vandalism takes that to a new level.

“They drove past and smashed her back window,” said Tom Wylie, whose daughter-in-law’s car was vandalized.

Security camera footage shows it’s 3:34 a.m.

That’s when you see this car driving next to this truck.

A few more seconds pass. Then they leave, after breaking the windows of the truck.

Tom Wylie is one of eight homeowners in the neighborhood who reported such vandalism to Lexington police.

“It was pure vandalism. There were 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 cars. And some of them, at least in our situation, will drive by, stay in the car and slam a baseball bat in the back of someone’s car.

Wylie’s daughter-in-law’s car was hit and the rear windshield shattered.

“It’s frustrating. She’s 16 so she was a mess. Unfortunately, they did. And I wish we had solutions here, but you know, it’s difficult.

While neighbors deal with the costly consequences of vandal attacks…

“We all hope to have enough images of the vehicle. I think so. We will be able to identify the individuals who did it. And just make sure they understand that it may be a joke to them, but it’s not a joke to others.

Wylie just hopes it ends here, before anyone gets hurt.

“It’s hard to understand. It’s hard to catch. It’s frustrating because, you know, people’s homes are their personal space. I think there have even been cases where people accidentally left their garage doors open and people entered the garages. And it gets really personal.

Police said they had at least eight reports of damaged vehicles from people in the same neighborhood.

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